Mirrors and Salt Art!

Children have been continuing creating art collaboratively.  Recently we used salt, liquid water colors and pipettes to produce some amazing art.  The salt and liquid water color created a variety of vibrant colors. ​The results of our salt art were incredible! ​

 mirrorsandsalt1.jpg mirrorsandsalt2.jpg mirrorsandsalt3.jpg

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Collaborative Art

Over the past weeks children have thoroughly enjoyed creating beautiful art together. 

Collaborative and collage art with found materials collected near the duck pond.

Using beads and wire on a wreath.

Sharpie markers were used to make a puzzle.

collaborativeart1.png.jpg collaborativeart2.jpg collaborativeart3.jpg collaborativeart4.jpg collaborativeart5.jpg

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Light and Shadow

Children have begun to explore light and shadows.  We experimented with putting flashlights together. When  put together and turned on children discovered they could see shadows.  We found that when we use flashlights with mirrors we create reflections of the light.

 Picture1.png Picture2.png Picture3.png

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Tower Building

Building towers has been a strong interest in our classroom. We are reviewing architecture books to get additional ideas as we build our towers.

24.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg

27.jpg 28.jpg

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Cup Stacking

The children have been building with cups and stacking towers.

 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg


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Magna Tiles

The children have been exploring with Magna Tiles. They've taken pictures of them as well as built with them.

 13.jpg 15.jpg

14.jpg 16.jpg

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Photo Books

Lately, we have been doing several activities in the classroom. We have had some fun with different building materials and creating some interesting structures.   We have been painting with cookie cutters  and evergreen branches from the bushes outside. It was an interesting experience to watch them paint with the branches instead of paint brushes.  Some of the kids have also been making some interesting racetracks using blocks and other materials.  

10.jpg 11.jpg 

1.jpg 3.jpg

4.jpg 9.jpg

The kids have also been working on photo books. They are writing descriptions of the pictures they took that will be put into our books. We have worked on the construction part of our photo book and used glue to attach the outside and inside cover papers to the boards. We will continue to work on the books.


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Shadow Boxes

We did some more work with light and shadows and created a shadow box using a flashlight. The children got to experiment with my own digital camera and take pictures of the different shadows they created in the box. We also took some great pictures of the sunflowers outside on the playground! The pictures above are all child taken photographs.

8-30_2.jpg 8-30.jpg


8-30_5.jpg 8-30_6.jpg 

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Lights and Shadows with Mirrors

We continued our exploration of camera with some work in the studio of lights and shadows. Mr. Bryan helped us with looking in mirrors to see different reflections as well as lights to see shadows. The children took some great pictures. We also studied our shadows outside using chalk to draw them and watered down paint to spray them.

 9-13_5.jpg9-13_4.jpg9-13_6.jpg9-13_2.jpg 9-13_3.jpg 9-13.jpg

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Painting with Popsicle Sticks

We continued to discover with playdoh today using popsicle sticks to create different sculptures.  The children also enjoyed some time in the studio with Mr. Bryan painting with sticks and exploring with different types of nature materials.

1.jpg 2.jpg 

5.jpg 6.jpg

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