100 Acres Art & Nature Park

 Here at the IMA, we've been enjoying exploring the 100 Acres Art & Nature Park.  We've explored some of the installations on site, as well as several of the trails leading through wooded areas and near the water.  Along the way, we've been making a list of all the creatures we've encountered.

IMG_3970.jpg IMG_3991.jpg IMG_3994.jpg

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Rhythm and Routine of the Day

It's been a great start to the year here at the IMA! We've begun to explore our outdoor spaces, as well as adjusting to the rhythms and routines of our day.

IMG_3874.JPG IMG_3890.JPG IMG_3903.JPG

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Mud Day

We closed out this week by hosting what has become an annual event here at the IMA: Mud Day! Our children made tie-dye t-shirts to celebrate the occasion this year, and we all dressed ready for some puddle splashing, mud pie making, and mud digging fun! Thanks to Patty, our fearless gardener, for helping us out again this year.

IMG_3568.jpg IMG_3579.jpg IMG_3594.jpg

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Spring is in bloom

Spring is in full bloom at the IMA!  Our preschool classroom has been outside exploring the beautiful gardens every chance we get.  We have been working on a project for the museum to help create murals on some of the trash cans that will be placed out around the museum grounds. We've been inspired by all the bright colored flowers, blooming trees and birds that we've seen in the gardens and have enjoyed creating our own murals for the trash cans!

IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0441.JPG IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0458.JPG IMG_0466.JPG IMG_0468.JPG


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IMA March Family Day

Today we enjoyed a wonderful Family Day at the IMA! We invited our families to come join us for “Dragon Tacos” which were inspired by a favorite classroom book “Dragons Love Tacos”. We've enjoyed reading this book for a few weeks now, and we've even been on scavenger hunts throughout the museum looking for dragons hidden in the galleries. We've found lots of dragons hidden in the art and pottery located in the Asian Galleries!

In preparation for todays lunch, the children helped cook the chicken and cut the tomatos and lettuce. It was fun to make our own tacos and enjoy time with our families!

IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0328.JPG

IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0340.JPG

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Audubon Exhibit

The Audubon exhibit is coming soon to the IMA! In connection with our study of birds, the children recently submitted three original pieces of art to the IMA-sponsored student art competition.  We were inspired by an Osprey specimen that was lent to our classroom for observation.  The children sketched the Osprey and then painted a backdrop for the birds.  We are so proud of our submissions!  We learned today that one of our submissions was chosen for 2nd place in the competition in our age group and it will be on display in the Audubon gallery alongside other student artwork and Audubon's original pieces!

IMG_0138.JPG IMG_0139.JPG 

IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0142.JPG IMG_0143.JPG

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Eagle Creek Ornithology Center

Last week we took our first field trip of the school year to Eagle Creek Ornithology Center.  While there, we got to see two different captive birds, a red-tailed hawk and a screech owl, as well as take a birding walk through the woods.  We spent some time in the bird watching room using binoculars to observe the birds at the bird feeders.  We had a great time and look forward to seeing how our new knowledge about birds will help further our project on Audubon and birds.

IMG_3175.jpg IMG_3189.jpg

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Studying Birds

The IMA classroom has begun to study birds with greater intensity in preparation for the Audubon exhibit opening in April at the IMA.  Today we took a walk into the woods out at the 100 Acres, carrying with us some bird identification books and binoculars.  We observed 3 different kinds of birds enjoying the bird feeders near the visitor pavilion, and Ryanni had the great idea of standing with bird seed in hand to try and get the birds to come closer!

IMG_3113.jpg IMG_3120.jpg IMG_3122.jpg

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Representing What We Find

Recently, the St. Mary's classroom at the IMA has been working on representing the different natural forms we have discovered on the grounds of the IMA. Several children have made models, including the one shown of a pinecone, using air dry clay. All different types of 2D representations have been attempted including watercolor painting, tempera painting, watercolor crayons, and pen and ink. Other children have been more interested in dissecting various seed pods and mushroom samples using real scientific tools. As this project progresses, we are curious to see where the children's interests lead us as we get a closer look at the natural world.

drawing_fall.JPG IMA_3.JPG

IMA_pumpkins.JPG pinecone.JPG

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Fascinating Creatures

We have continued our exploration of the museum grounds in recent weeks, and along the way, have discovered some fascinating creatures.  The children have been captivated by spiders and spiderwebs, along with different insects.  This week, we brought in a black swallowtail caterpillar for the children to observe.  Several children took the opportunity to work on their observational drawing skills by sketching the caterpillar as it ate some dill in our classroom.

IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6077.jpg

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