RN Thompson Society Guardians

The R. N. Thompson Society was founded in October of 2003. The Society is dedicated to the passionate devotion and commitment of Bob Thompson. Guardians join annually at the level they desire through a one time donation or an annual pledge. For more information please contact Katie Hammer or 317.361.4840. Guardians are listed below with founding members (*) noted.


$1,000-1,999 $2,000-4,999 $5,000-9,999
Mike and Becky Adams Jon and Lisa Arbuckle Rick and Tena Albrecht
Shelli and Kelly Austin Nicole Beasley Mike and Jan Arbuckle
Tag and Marta Birge Joe and Laurie Breen Care Institute Group
Daniel and Robyn Bowers Brees Dream Foundation Tom and Pat deCoster
Keith and Linda Brennan Tom and Sheila Callaghan Josh and Mindy Fleming
Browning Investments Inc Pat Egan Chris and Kim Kennedy
Brian and Karen Candlish Charlie and Angie Frankenberger Lions Club of Indianapolis
Jim and Lynda Carlino Jeanne and Bruce Franklin Anthony and Liza Najem
Andrew Cohoat Charles Haddad Denny and Donna Oklak
Brian and Jamie Cranor Roger and Tonya Harvey Andrew and Hermiene Ording
Tom and Kristi Curran John and Mary Karas Marianne and Frank Price
Nick and Nicole Dellen* James J. Kelley, Jr.  
Steve M. Dellinger Dan and Laura Liotti  
Tom and Peggy Dickey Michael B. Mason $10,000-24,999
Guy East Deck and Patty McCormick Denny Barrett
Ivan and Marcy Ekhaus Timothy McGinley Matt and Jan Cohoat
Jim and Robin Erlenbaugh Cory and Hilary McNutt John C. Hart, Jr.
Daniel and Linda Esposito Wesley McNutt Rob Warstler
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Garfield Peter and Jessica Mills Jim and Rita Zink*
Jesse George Wayne and Julie Pack  
Steve and Sandra Hageman James Reis  
Brian and Jill Hall Paul and Lisa Rioux* $25,000 and up
Paul and Cilla Harrington Daniel C Smith Gary and Carol Edwards
Thomas and Susan Hoback Vera Stauffer Trut Edwards
Rick and Laura Huser Tim and Nancy Story Fischer Homes
Indianapolis Oldtimers' Club   Adam Gilliatte
Mike and Shaun Irwin   Thomas and Patty Hefner
Irving S. and Alwyn N. Johnson   Keith Hockett
Ginger and John Kadlec   Wally Justus
Charles and Lynn Kimmel   Frank J. Moran
Charles and Jami Kurtz   Dan Moyer
Jeff and Julie Kweder   Bob Thompson*
Wade and Candice Lange    
Kimberly Graham Lee    
Alan E. Leighton    
Mike and Carla Leppert    
Carlos and Eleanor Lopez    
Kim Magness    
Ted and Johanna Maple    
Gary and Sherry McNutt    
Randy and Leslie McNutt    
Mechanical Contractors Progress Council    
Glenn and Brenda Miller    
Ron and Diane Muench    
Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D.    
Jim and Katie Naughton    
Joe and Heather Jaffe Pappas    
Wendy J Perez-Contreras    
Diane Pike    
Pete and Susan Quinn    
Jim and Rhonda Read    
Margo Richter    
Steven and Heather Riddle    
Paul Schnettler    
Jerry Semler    
Roger and Janine Sheppard    
Connie Sherman*    
Martin and Vicki Short    
Eric Spohn    
Kathy Tekulve    
Lisa Trepcos    
Greg VandenBoom    
Andy and Amanda Vetor    
Michael Ward    
Lyndsay Younce    
Tom and Carrie Zupancic    
Brian and Jeannie Zurawski