Wish List

Listed below are items needed for our children to enhance their learning experience and feel free to create.  If there is something you can donate, please let us know.  Thank you for helping us make St. Mary’s Child Center a success!

  • Classroom Supplies such as:

    • Wooden Rocking Chairs
    • Real Kitchen utensils (no sharp knives) and silverware for play
    • Flour, salt, oil, cornstarch, baking soda for science
    • Towels (can be old to use at water tables)
    • Legos (not kits, just lots of legos)
    • Wooden Toy Trains
    • Small Matchbox Cars
    • Large Baskets
    • 12×18 paper for watercolor, finger paint, mixed media, etc
    • Copy paper for books
    • Black (fadeless) Construction paper
    • Funnels, test tubes, measuring cups & spoons
    Playground Supplies such as:
    • Children’s outside tools such as rakes, shovels, garden gloves
    • Balls
    • Sand toys, Funnels
    • Flower Bulbs, specifically crocus, snowdrops, and dahlias
    Art Supplies
    • Stones and other natural materials (seeds, gourds, acorns, tree cookies (stump slices), clear colored stones, Water Gems
    • Plastic and Glass Beads, & Mosaic Tiles
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Craft Wire & Wire Cutters
    • Glass Jars (like Ball jars (Mason) with lids)/plastic jars with lids, baby food jars
    • Wood working tools (hand tools not power tools), wood scraps, hardware (screws, nails, etc)
    • Fabric, Ribbon, Buttons
    • Child-sized hammers and screwdrivers
    • Beans, Rice, Dried Pasta
    • Men’s old dress shirts (to be used as smocks)
    • Interesting office paper (graph, inventory, etc.)
    • Wooden crates or boxes
    • Styrofoam trays from vegetables (used for printmaking)
    • Digital Cameras
    • iPad Speakers
    • Postage Stamps (Forever)
    • USB Memory Sticks
    • Copy Paper 20lb
    • Yellow note paper/post-a-notes
    • Floor Lamps & Light bulbs
    • Frames with stands, wood, black, or acrylic
    • Bird Seed and Hummingbird Nectar
    • Unisex pants (preferably elastic waists) (sizes 4-6)
    • Unisex shirts (sizes 4-6)
    • Boys and Girls underwear (sizes 4-6)
    • Field Trip Donations (cash to go on various field trips)
    • Bus Passes (monthly or one time)
    • Gift Cards to Groceries, Big Box stores and gas stations for our families
    • Gift Cards to Home Improvement stores
    • Gift Cards to art supply stores, bookstores, office supply
    St. Mary’s Child Center always needs VOLUNTEERS!

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