A Week of Painting!

What do you envision when you think about painting? Many would say they imagine an artist creating fine details using masterful brush strokes. This is because the predominant and most classic painting tool is of course the brush. For young children, working with a paintbrush holds much value. They gain valuable fine-motor skills, learn their preferred brush strokes and techniques, and learn relationships between colors that are only possible when they are blended by hand and tool. However, children almost become TOO accustomed to this one method. While color mixing and detail is important, children are initially more sensory oriented. This often makes for an “over-blending” of color that will almost always end up as a shade of brown… So, this week, different classrooms worked with different tools and techniques in creating their masterpieces! Children used pipettes, bottles, straws, spoons, cups, and other tools to drop, splatter, or carefully pour the paint onto their canvases. With this, they were challenged to never let their chosen tools physically touch the canvas. While this will always create more abstract types of work, it makes for beautiful and vibrant pieces that introduce brand-new concepts in color to color relationships (and ideas for our developing young artists). See for yourself how the colors spread and almost seem to ‘melt’ together while still keeping semblance of their individual pigmentation!!!

painting1.jpg painting3.jpg