As part of our project about our community, the children have shown interest in animals and animal bones found in our community.  As a continuation of the children’s’ interests we went on an “adventure”.  Our adventure included looking for animals and anything else the children were interested in.  We had a great adventure!  One of the children noticed a bird that could not fly, then we noticed another bird not far away “chirping” loudly.  The birds were Killdeer birds.  After researching this type of bird we learned that the bird was pretending it could not fly to draw the attention away from the other bird that was sitting on her eggs!  This is how killdeers protect their young from predators.  At the pond we observed a “family” of ducks.  We couldn’t get close enough but we think one of the ducks was sitting on her eggs as well. Other things found on our adventure were:  a robin egg, an old tree stump and a poisonous mushroom.  The children learned how to find out the age of a tree.  (by counting the circles on the stump).  It was difficult to count all the circles because they were hard to see.  But, we did learn that the tree was pretty old because it had a lot of circles (lines).   The children enjoy our walks and we are fortunate to be located in Fort Benjamin Harrison because it is a beautiful place to observe nature. 

PS The picture of the ducks under the tree is a little hard to see because one of the children took the picture. 😊