All things.. Soccer!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have been busy investigating and exploring the topic of soccer. Different provocations from observational drawings, to measuring distance of kicking a soccer ball, to creating our own jerseys and team names have helped us to answer questions and inquiries about the sport. The children especially enjoyed taking a field trip to meet a "soccer expert", Mrs. Sarah's son, Owen. The children asked many questions such as; "How did you learn to play soccer?", "What position do you play?", "How often do you practice?", and "How do you feel when you lose?". They then had the opportunity to go outside and put what they learned into action by playing a game of soccer and working on their own foot skills, passing/maneuvering the ball, and communicating as a team. We are very excited to see where our wonders lead us next!

soccer1.jpg soccer2.jpg soccer3.jpg 

soccer4.jpg soccer5.jpg