A Naturalist from Fort Harrison State Park visited the children in Room 3.  The children have been investigating animal bones and animals that live in our area.  One of the boys found a raccoon skull while we were taking a neighborhood walk.  We went back the next day to see if we could find more of the bones and sure enough we did!!  The same boy found the spine and the pelvic bone!  Ms. Candy brought in a deer skull for the children to investigate too. 

This all led to us inviting Ms. Carla from the nearby State Park to come speak with us about the animals in our area.  Ms. Carla brought a tree frog, a toad and a turtle.  She taught the children fun facts about the animals like how to tell the turtles age and how all of these animals protect themselves from predators.  If you count the lines on a turtle's shell you can estimate the turtles age.  The turtle that visited was approximately 15 years old.  The turtle protects itself by pulling its head and legs into its shell.  The tree frog and the toad protect themselves by camouflaging themselves to the environment.  It was a beautiful day to have this learning experience!