Aquatic Life

Aquatic Life:

An Expression through Mixed Media


The children of Room 2 have been investigating and discussing the sea, the ocean, and the inhabitants within. Whether discussing a “Nemo fish” or a sea turtle, it has been very interesting to hear the children talk about the different creatures they have prior knowledge of or are currently learning about! In support of these curiosities, a provocation that suggested the designing of scenery found under these bodies of water was introduced.


First, the children painted a background for their underwater scene. Blue and green water color paints were mixed to resemble the color of water the children had observed in pictures of the seas and oceans. Next, the children were given many photos of different aquatic lifeforms that they cut and collaged onto their piece. The children were then given the opportunity to recreate and add their own artistic visions of these creatures using marking pens, neon paints, and oil pastels. To finalize their work, the children helped with spreading Mod Podge to add shine and a sense of reflection, while also holding their collaged work in place.


Jace: We learned about Rainbow Fish. He has shiny scales… and I learned about the octopus, I think he has like 10 legs.

Cash: I learned about a mermaid. She don’t have legs ‘cuz she can’t be on the ground.

Jace: Starfish can go in the water and both on the ground.

Ryan: Nemo has stripes because his tail is the same.

Sariah: It’s a dolphin (points to a shark)!

Ryan: I got the hammerhead shark.

What does it do with its head?

Ryan: (Head-butts the air)

Chastity: When somebody jumps in the water, the shark ‘gonna eat him!

Juanton: Shark is blue.