Bubbles, Chalk & Healthy Bodies

We welcomed the spring weather yesterday by playing outside most of the afternoon!  Many children enjoyed blowing bubbles, chasing them, and trying to pop them!  We also made some unique pictures on the concrete with wet chalk.  Everyone is looking forward to more days like this!
In one of our meetings this week,  the students thought of two questions about our bodies: 1) Do our ears have bones? 2) Is my skull stronger than my teeth?  We will continue to find out the answers to these questions.  Many friends have been exploring multiple books on bodies, bones, and how "everything" works.  Lots of students were enthusiastic about observing and playing with a cross section head model, which showed all of the parts inside of our head.  
In our dramatic play area, we have our very own lab coat, masks, and scrubs.  Playing "surgery" is a popular choice every day! Come visit our room if you need a check up!
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