Choosing and Creating!

Today, our friend Ryan from room 2 at the Thompson building asked if he could choose our studio investigations for the day. So, we took a trip to the studio where he chose various materials to explore. Once he had decided on colored sand, water colors, water, droppers, paint brushes, and popsicle sticks… we went to invite more of his classmates to join in!!!


Ryan: I wanna do the sand. Let’s put it with that!

What’s that?

Ryan: *points to the water colors* So now we need water.


Christiann: ‘Cuz it turn into a rainbow.

How come?

Christiann: ‘Cuz it rainbow sand.


Samari: Mine’s turning green ‘cuz I put it in there and mixed it up.

Zion: Mine’s pink. It pink and red.


Zada: It turning to pink. That one turning to purple when you mixed them together.


Christiann: The water turning blue.


Zion: When you pour it out it gonna be blue. Like, home when you pour it out. I want it be pink.

creating1.jpg creating3.jpg creating.jpg