Clay Footballs!

Room 1 at the Gilliate building has been studying the great game of football! In support of this, they were invited to the studio to study the details of the football itself while recreating one of their own with clay. The children worked very diligently in forming football shapes and using tools to create the smaller, finer details!


Vivian: We run super-fast, then the football players go in slow motion.


Daniel: They throw to the team so they can get a touchdown.


Christian: They really, really fast so they get the touchdown.


Daniel: They kick the ball so the other team so they can get the touchdown.


Group: Oval… circle!


Vivian: We covered up all the cracks.


Karter: It’s so smooth! I put a lot of water on it.


What next?!

Daniel: Some stripes.


Iker: My mom showed me (how to make stripes).


Vivian: Well, it has a lot of stripes. It has lots of holes ‘cause it’s clay.


Daniel: Mr. Bryan, I want to do this too (points to the white stripes). I want to do some stripes on the side.


Kamarion: I’ma make a football like here (points to the real football and then shows me the start of his clay creation).


Jamiya: I’m rollin’ it and it makes it soft. Squish it down and make it like that.


Makaya: Look at my hands!

 clayfootball1.jpg clayfootball2.jpg clayfootball3.jpg clayfootball4.jpg clayfootball5.jpg