Clay Provocations

The children of Room 4 at our Gilliate building visited the studio where they were welcomed by a clay provocation. The children began by feeling and molding the clay. We then discussed how to use the watery ‘slip’ in order to keep the clay moist and adhere different pieces together. It got a bit messy as the children quickly learned that too much water will turn the clay into a goopy mud! As they developed their understanding of the clay’s consistency, the children began using tools to roll, pound, and sculpt. In addition to working with clay, the children demonstrated other interests throughout the morning. Some wanted to read, some even sharing familiar stories with their friends. In a few instances, this carried over to our writing board where children practiced writing some of the letters and words found within their favorite stories. The exploration didn’t end here as children also experimented with rhythm and sound using the drums, built ramps using wood planks and yard sticks, and created patterns using various manipulatives!