Clay Sculptures in the Studio

Today, children from the Gilliate Room 2 visited the studio where they were welcomed by a provocation of air-dry clay and various sculpting tools. The children molded, pressed, rolled, and chopped their way to new understandings of what was an unfamiliar material to most of them. A couple of children even connected to their work on a personal level by recreating food they are used to having at home!

Cervando: "Cooking eggs with tomatoes and strawberries and milk." 

Mila: "I'm making a cake. Mommy used sugar to make a cake for me. She made it like this." *make mixing motion*

One friend, Thomas, noticed two foam balls sitting on one of the shelves. With this, he took the opportunity to show us one of his interests!

Thomas: "Planets of the solar system. I’m making earth. You have to paint it blue and green."