Coming Together in the Studio!

Today, children from all rooms at the Thompson building were invited to the studio. They were encouraged to explore and find things that they found interesting as individuals or during parallel, cooperative, or group play in general. Some friends took great interest in a provocation of natural materials, others were more into construction using various manipulatives, and the rest enjoyed floating from area to area while working with all sorts of materials. A couple of children took to building “ramps” and “tracks” that they were using to roll and guide a marble...


Roddy: It’s a track. I make a long track. Look Mr. Bryan. We got to save it for after care for tomorrow… for marbles!

Monte: I’m going to make a train track! My track is bigger!

Roddy: My track wasn’t smaller ‘cause it was TOO big!!!

 comingtogether1.jpg comingtogether2.jpg comingtogether3.jpg comingtogether4.jpg comingtogether5.jpg comingtogether6.jpg