Construction and Machines!

The children in room one have been reading about the construction machines they have been seeing during our walks around the Gilliate building. The information they have been obtaining through reading the books helps them to verbally express their observational drawings of the machines as well as when communicating to each other about them. Last week, we were kindly introduced to the bulldozer when its operator surprised us by driving the machine right in front of the children as he waved and pressed the horn!


Cristian: “I saw a bulldozer, a dump truck, and an excavator.”

Karter: “I saw a trainer tracks (crawler tracks) and I saw arm scooping up the dirt with teeth and a bucket. And I saw big tires too.”

Vivian: “I like looking at the green excavator chop, chop, chop the rocks, and the crawler tracks were like this big!”

Iker: “I saw the bucket pick up the dirt and pick up all the dirt and then pick up the rock and put it in the dump truck.”

Maryae: “I draw the teeth, the excavator and the dump truck. They was digging up the dirt and picking up the rocks and put it in the dump truck.”

construction1.jpg construction2.jpg

         construction3.jpg construction4.jpg construction5.jpg