Create Your Own Superhero

Over the past 2 weeks, our morning class has worked on their superhero identities.    We were invited to Greggory and Appel to trick or treat on October 30.   We ventured into the world of costume design.   The students each chose his/her own superpower.   The list included running fast, climbing, turning everything pink, and making houses for everyone.   Once each child (and teacher!) had his/her own superpower, we talked about choosing  a symbol to represent your superpower.    The students then used markers, ribbon and felt to create their superpower symbol on the back of their capes.   We finished our costumes off with masks.    Many thanks to Greggory and Appel for hosting us, we had a wonderful time!

DSC_0865.JPG   DSC_0877.JPG   DSC_0888.JPG

DSC_0895.JPG   DSC_0899.JPG   DSC_0907.JPG