Creative Freedom

Children from rooms 2 and 3 at the Thompson building were presented with a variety of materials and asked the open-ended question, “what can we create?”. The initial provocation included cardboard, scissors, markers, and a special adhesive we like to call ‘sticky gum tape’. As the children worked, and their ideas developed, they were asked if they thought they needed additional materials to bring their visions to life. As needed, the children were able to pull additional materials… making for marvelous individual (and shared) work!!!

August: I’m making a robot puppet!

Makayla: I want to finish my kite. Can we use some string?

Zyaire: I’m making stairs like in my house.

20190515_091729.jpg 20190515_091748.jpg 20190515_091758.jpg 20190515_092150.jpg 20190515_103156.jpg 20190515_103208.jpg 20190515_103359.jpg 20190515_103540.jpg 20190515_103613.jpg 20190515_103915_(1).jpg