Dark Room: Conversations and Taking Investigations Further

Today, the children of room 1 at the Thompson building continued to investigate light… an interest born in the studio and fostered through continued classroom investigations. We entered a dark, almost pitch black room… where the children were quick to notice just how dark it was. They were provided flashlights to explore the room and the materials within. Conversation and collaboration were prevalent, as the children were eager to discuss their findings and the educators worked together to capture each moment! The following are the children’s conversations as they investigated the dark room.


Mal: We’re bigger… ‘cause it’s dark in here.

Micah: It’s dark in here.

Mal: Can everyone turn the lights off? I like the dark.


Mal: My feet are bigger.


Mal: ‘Cause of my shadow.

What’s that? Why?

Mal: It’s us.

Finley: It’s a circle!


Mal: I made purple… I turned the light on and put it right there and then it shined.

Finley: I don’t like the dark ‘cause she turned it off. I want all the colors!

Tony: It’s dark because we need the flashlight.

Kyren: No, ‘cause it’s hot… we need to blow it out.

What is hot?

Kyren: When you turn it on it bubbles. It’s gonna burn me. You see?!

Micah: Look, Ms. Juliana… I made pink!

Finley: That’s not pink… that’s purple.


Micah: Close your eyes.


Mic: ‘Cause you need to turn off your flashlight!

Kyren: Close your flashlight.


Arianna: I can see your shadow! Now I see yours Ms. Juliana.

You can?

Arianna: Yeah, now you make my shadow! You can when you shine the light!


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