Design + Writer's Workshop!

Today in the studio, the children of room 1 at the Thompson building were presented with different provocations. First, the children created designs and patterns using natural materials. They then permanently recreated or traced their patterns onto tile using marking pen. During this exploration, we discussed different patterns such as smallest to largest and alternating colors as the children were eager to demonstrate what they were learning! They were also very curious as to how the magnifying glasses worked and even found some details in items that they wouldn’t have found otherwise…

After they had finished, some children made their way over to a bookmaking provocation. With this, we ended up having a powerful session of writer’s workshop. The children added great detail to their illustrations, with some showing wonderful development in literacy while working on the words in their stories. Our author/illustrators then read their stories in one on one sessions, where we discussed how they could develop their work even further!!!


writersworkshop9.jpg writersworkshop4.jpg