Designing Pizzas!

The children of the Butler Lab School have been studying all things pizza! When asked to re-visit and talk about what they had already learned, they eagerly discussed many different types of pizzas and their toppings, how and where they are made, and who exactly can make them. It was indeed clear that we had a group of pizza-pie aficionados on our hands!!! In support of this, a provocation was presented with a variation of open-ended materials intended as pizza crusts, cheeses, toppings, sauces, or whatever their tremendous, pizza-making minds could come up with. It was exciting to see different ideas come to fruition as we watched the children design triangular, square, and circular ‘pie-crusts’ that would go on to be covered with many different and interesting combinations of toppings!!!


Before Introducing the Provocation


So… what do you know about pizza!?

Elecio: Put sauce and then cheese and then pepperoni on it.

Palmer: If you’re making a desert pizza, the sauce can be almost anything! It can be icing, ice cream, whipped cream…

Tatum: Sometimes you eat MMs on desert and you have regular sauce for regular pizza.

Will: Desert pizzas you need icing and sauce.

Ayden: I paint my pizza pink and I put my pink icing on there. I put little hearts here on top.

Brazil: I know about a piece a’ the pizza ‘cause I know about people and they eat food and they eat all the food. The man come out the door to get food and then he goes back in to get more food.

Sahara: You have a whole pizza like a cookie. There is icing on it and there is candy on it, then you put it in the oven.

Ladarian: You put chocolate and put it in the oven.


Miranda: I like pizza. Pepperoni… it’s, like… hot and spicy!

Brazil: Yeah! It’s spicy ‘cause it’s jalapenos ‘cause it’s hot. It’s so spicy you can’t even eat it!


Who can make pizza?

Group: Me!

Others: A chef!


During the Provocation


Tatum: I think the red one is going to be the sauce.

Will: I’m making it a circle pizza.


Brazil: I found something gross?

Ew, was it a topping?

Elecio: Mushroom? I want cheese on.

Brazil: It’s a chili-cow thing. I don’t want that so I’m putting lots of cheese on! Now all done. I have to put it in the oven.

Maya: It’s cheese.

What else?

Maya: Nothing, it’s all cheese (duh, Mr. Bryan).

Palmer: I have enough black olives.

Ayden: More peppers, then more seeds, and the broccoli!

Tatum: I made a desert pizza with marshmallows and ice cream. And… water! And… cookies! It’s hot!


Taking Orders


Ladarian: Can I take your order?

I want…

Ladarian: *He repeats as he jots down invented writing.*

How long will that take?

Ladarian: 5 seconds.

pizza1.jpg pizza2.jpg

pizza3.jpg pizza4.jpg


pizza7.jpg pizza8.jpg