Digging Deeper into our Pizza Project!

We are digging deeper into  our pizza project.    We had the opportunity to interview our Butler teacher, Ms. Conley, to learn more about pizza shops.   She works at a pizza restaurant and was able to answer the children's questions about pizza! ​Here are some of the children's questions:

"Where does the pizza come from?"
"Do you guys make dessert pizza?"

"What oven do you use?"

"How do you put the toppings on?"


We watched a video to learn how tomatoes are grown, harvested, and canned to make it to our local grocery store shelves for pizza sauce.


We also made a cookie dessert pizza and worked through the math to plan out how many pieces we would need and how we should cut the pizza.


The children had the opportunity to make their own art pizza by choosing the color of sauce and the toppings (from loose materials).

"There's cheese, pepperoni, spaghetti, ketchup, and salsa.    The sauce tastes like cookie pizza."

pizzaproject1.jpg pizzaproject2.jpg

                                        pizzaproject3.jpg pizzaproject4.jpg