Doctor Project

We are currently in the middle of a doctor project in Gilliatte room 5! The children helped turn our dramatic play area into a doctor's office, and they have enjoyed pretending to be doctors and nurses and taking care of the patients (the teachers). They have also enjoyed looking at human and animal x-rays on the light table. We have discussed different ways that we can stay healthy during our meeting times, such as exercising, eating healthy foods, and stopping the spread of germs. The children enjoyed doing different exercises and also learning how to do yoga, making homemade applesauce and a healthy trail mix, and doing some germ experiments. Last week, the children learned how to find their heartbeats, and we did an activity in which they got to "see" their heartbeats. This week we have discussed going to the dentist (another kind of doctor) and how to take care of our teeth. The children enjoyed learning how to brush and floss their teeth, making elephant toothpaste, and doing an experiment in which we put eggs in various liquids (the eggs represented our teeth) to see what happens when we do not take care of our teeth.

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