Doggy Daycare

After a few of the children shared their experiences at Indy Hound, TJ and Christopher chose to build a doggy day care of their own.


They love it! They love their dog house. But they want a toy. This is gonna be so funny. (TJ)
Don’t get out doggy! (Christopher)
This is day care. They can walk by they own self. (TJ)


“Wahhh. I want my mommy!” It’s okay doggy. (TJ)
This is your toy. (Christopher)
They babies. They need to have toys. “Woof!” (TJ)
Miss Shara, the doggy’s hiding from us! (TJ)
This is his bone! (TJ)
FIRE FIRE! Miss Shara, I need a fire dog! This is the police doggies. We have to put out the fire and take people to jail. We need to build a fire station! (TJ)


WOOO WOO. It’s a fire truck! (Christopher)


My fire dogs is on my fire truck! (TJ)

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