Doggy Stuff Still Life

The children of room 1 at the Thompson building have gotten a running start into their investigations of all things dog! To support these curiosities, a still-life of different doggy items were arranged to provoke observational drawing and discussion.


What do we have here?

Aviel: I see a doggy (observes picture on a bag of treats)!

Geo: I made the doll (toy), the doggy treat cup (dog bowl), and the ball, and this, and that food!

Austin: Bone. And dog, and dog’s mouth and his nose.

Aviel: I made the doggy and the bone and his bed and the ball.

Zeke: I made the ball and I made the food. And I made this too (bed).

Chris: A toy to play with.

TJ: For dogs.

Chris: ‘Cuz they don’t have toys.

TJ: They do too have toys!

Chris: No, like these ones!

Kay’Lyn: They play.

TJ: They eat like us and drink water.

Kay’Lyn: They have this food so they need to eat.

Shawnyee: Got dog treats and rubber bands.

Samari: Yeah, and a ball and this doggy bed.

Aiden: Doggy food too!

Aiden: This (leash) is so people can hold doggies.

Samari: Yeah, it’s a belt.

Aiden: So they don’t get lost.

Shawnyee: And this (bed) so they can take rest and get some sleep.

Samari: I eat doggy stuff. It taste like Roofus(?).


Why do dogs need these things?

Zeke: ‘Cuz they need to eat and catch balls.

Austin: They play and they eat.

Geo: My dog Luna likes them. She’s up in heaven. She was tired and she was walking and she went out the door and her legs were tired and so she fell down and a car ran her over.