Dogs: Continuing Investigation

St. Mary’s students at the Lab School continue to go further and further with their ever-evolving project work covering dogs. In support of this, different items were brought in for the children to investigate. They were given the option to draw some of the items individually or as a multi-part still life, to re-create their own versions out of clay, or to compose and photograph the doggy accessories!

What is all of this? Why would a dog need any of it?

Palmer: Toys… and dog food and that’s for the bowl for dog food.
Isabel: Some dogs use the same stuff ‘cuz the same stuff then some dogs eat different stuff so they don’t get sick.
Fletcher: Your doggy is smaller so why that toy ball in there?
Palmer: The dog bed is so soft!

Here, smell these dog treats.

Honesty: Smells like dog food, its nasty.
Journee: Smells like sausages.
Fletcher: No, it smells like beef jerky.
Isla: Dog treats! Some doggies are old and some doggies are young so they eat different!
Gretchen: It smells yucky. If we eat it you’ll get a tummy ache on the ground.

Honesty: What’s this (canned food)?
Gretchen: What’s supposed to go in here for (dog bowl)?
Honesty: It’s for the dog food!