Drafting Leads to Design!

The children of room 2 at the Thompson building have been doing some work with drafting, design, and construction. In support of this, we took to the studio to build our own structure from recycled materials. Different groups of children rotated in and out and by the end, we had a gym/fighting place/bank/police station/zoo/gas station house! What an interesting building!!!


Eduardo: We’re gonna build a fighting place or a hospital.

Centaurion: We build it with construction.

Eduardo: We need another door so the robbers can’t get in because it might be a bank.

Ryan: These are the benches.


Jace: It’s a house. We need stairs.

‘Dre: We need to make handles for our hands by the door.

‘Dre: Can we make a swinger sowe can build it and swing in the house?

Aiden: This is the roof!

‘Dre: Yeah! So it don’t rain in the house.

Aiden: And so the monsters don’t break in.

‘Dre: We need people in there. Zoo workers and police go in. Then we need a garage!


Kayla: It’s a gas station! These the gas and it pumps out from here.

Sariah: Like you put the bridge and pull the string off to make it start.

Kayla: You put the boat in there and you park it and then they go inside and go to bed.