Exploring Nature

Lots of great things are happening in our room every day!  Some favorite activities have been painting with water colors,  the home living space, playing with play dough, and book making. 
The students are interested in many things; especially finding bugs, sticks, flowers, leaves, and rocks outside.  We noticed the students were particularly interested in insects, so we have taken things a step further with this.  The students have been able to inspect insects closely in the "nature box".  We have many interesting nature items in this box, including once- alive cicadas, acorns, buckeyes, pinecones, and leaves.  Some of us visited the library at the Lab School and found books about insects.  The students have learned that some animals actually EAT insects!  We were excited when one of our friends brought in his pet toad from home, and let us feed it a live cricket and a rolie polie bug!
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