Exploring Familiar Materials in New Ways: Painting Processes

Today at the Thompson building, pairs of children were taken into the studio where they found paint, canvases, brushes, droppers, and other tools waiting on them. Each child was asked about how they typically paint and most were quick to mention the brushes. As soon as they began to talk about their familiar processes, I removed the brushes and asked them how they could paint without them. One returning child immediately stood up and went for the droppers and began to drop paint onto the canvases from above. A new child was seemingly amazed by the splatter effect and was eager to join in! Once they had tried this, the brushes were re-inserted and the children were given the freedom to paint with tools of their choosing. A lot of the children were very intrigued with how the watery paint mixed (similar to marbling), as some pointed out the changes in color and how the wet paint moved around the canvas.


Ryan: See how they mix? Double time!


Desharell (forgive me on the spellings): I’m making pink. Make it stop moving!


Ryan: You can move it (the canvas)! The paint mixing though.


Desharell: You move like this so you can paint there.


Xavier: I want the brush.


Roddy: I want to spray with that (spots the spray bottle filled with paint)!


Gi Gi: Whoa!

Callie Rae: Yeah! My paint stayed on top.

Gi Gi: Yeah, you drop it!

Callie Rae: Then it mix up.

20170817_091621.jpg 20170817_092245.jpg 20170817_0925572.jpg

20170817_0936092.jpg 20170817_093934.jpg 20170817_102419.jpg

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