Exploring New Materials... Adding New to Familiar: Paper Gum Tape

Today, groups of children visited the studio where a new provocation with a new material was waiting for them. Over the past week or so, children who have been in the studio have helped to deconstruct cardboard. Today, children were able to investigate how we could implement the small pieces of this familiar material with something new… paper gum tape (we decided to re-name it glue tape)! This special tape is wonderful for constructing and introducing children to multi-step processes. First, the children were given a larger cardboard square to use as their “platform”. They were then given a demonstration of how to use the glue tape (it only works when the adhesive side is wet) to create designs or build structures with the smaller pieces of cardboard. These creations are also wonderful for printmaking, a possibility for further investigations! This shows how when given the opportunity, children will learn and grow through building upon familiar processes! It can go as far as they want to take it!

20170901_093906.jpg 20170901_094054.jpg 20170901_094233.jpg

20170901_095542.jpg 20170901_095640.jpg 20170901_095847.jpg

20170901_100030.jpg 20170901_100043.jpg 20170901_101628.jpg

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