Exploring the Studio

Groups of children visit the atelier (studio) after it has been reorganized with new materials and provocations…


‘Ooblek’/Mixing Colors


Kevin: You gotta’ mix it! I need to make some blue.

Alexis: Now it mixed green!

Kevin: Can I have something like purple?

I’m out of purple and the red I would need to make it. Could I get you a different color?

Kevin: Black. Now it’s like the ocean.

Isabella: *hears the conversation and walks over from another area* Red and blue make purple!


Dylan: What is it?

Audriana: It melt!

Carrington: It melt.

Dylan: It’s so cool!




Jamarion: I’m making a quad-x car.

Isabella: I’m making a mountain. This is going on the top.

Brianna: I made a big one! Now I made two of them (small bottles filled with sand).

Daniel: I don’t know how to say this…

Oh, that’s a shell!!!

Daniel: Shell! *goes to dig for other shells and asks about each* Shell!!!


Audriana: I need help to open this small bottle. Now I need help to close it.

Carrington: I’m making something. A sand castle!

Cason: I’m making some yummy coffee.

Who is it for?

Cason: Dylan

Carrington: This coffee is for Terryn!




Daniel: Mr. Bryan… it’s green!!!

mixingcolor1.jpg mixingcolor2.jpg

mixingcolor3.jpg mixingcolor4.jpg

mixingcolor5.jpg mixingcolor6.jpg