Finishing Up Our Baby Project

We are finishing up our project on babies. We took a field trip last week to East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center to see a baby room and to interact with the babies. They compared the baby room with our room, noting that they have cots too but they’re just smaller than ours. We learned that the baby room has centers and identity boards like ours but they have gates to keep the babies in whereas we do not. After the field trip we reflected on what we have learned from this project.

“They eat pineapple like us.” – Omar

“Some go to sleep then they get woke up.” – Ben

“Babies can paint too.” – Ma’Kyla

“The babies like books.” – Ben

“The toys were smaller and ours are bigger.” – Ben

“The teachers keep the baby milk in the refrigerator.” – DaMaury

“I liked when we read with the babies.” – Ma’Kyla