Fire Station

The children of room 2 at the Gilliate building have taken an interest in firetrucks. So, we went to the fire station! The children explored the perimeter of the building, discussed where the trucks might be, and even found one at the back of the building!


Arriving at the fire station…

De’Asia: We at the firetruck. It in the garage!

Ashlynn: You ring the bell and they come out.

Good theory… let’s try!

Emoni: Nothin’!

Nobody came out. So, who works here?

Ashlynn: The people.

Emoni: I saw the light in there ‘cuz it’s open.

Emoni: It’s a firetruck! *points to police car*


Finding the firetruck…

Everyone: Firetruck!

How did you know?!

Journei: ‘Cuz it’s red!

Emoni: There’s water on there!

De’Asia: So they can clean your car off!

Ashlynn: No, for fire.

De’Asia: I see wheels.

Ashlynn: A ladder!

For what?

For the house!

Coryon: For climbing!

Dylan: *makes siren noise*

De’Asia: That on top!

Ashlynn: Yeah, it’s a light!