Fun with Fabric!

One of our families donated a bunch of large pieces of fabric.  Over the past several days children have been using it to create forts, castles, and tents. 

When building today some of the children had some really good conversation together:

La’Miyah: It’s a fort! This is going to be the best fort ever!
We made a door you use to get in. 

Ms. Misty: Genesis what are you bringing into the fort?

Genesis: I’m going to bring some books with us

Miroslava: I brought a phone to watch videos!

La’Miyah: Yeah there is a door.  It’s actually a secret pathway.  You sneak in quiet so the monsters don’t come.  That’s why we need the phone and the light from it. 

Yarely: Yeah turn off light! Good night we are going to bed!