Garden to Table at School

The children love exploring in our garden area during our outside play time.   They began to notice lots of edible plants outside.  This led to a discussion of plants we can eat and plants we can’t eat.   After examining the basil plant and smelling the leaves, a student noticed that it’s the same leaves her mom uses to make pesto pasta.   She brought in a recipe from home which led us to deciding to make pesto pasta with the basil from the garden.   The children decided Mr. Dave could take us to the store to purchase the remaining ingredients.   One student decided we would need “30 bucks” to purchase the remaining ingredients.   After our trip to the store, a small group picked and washed 3 cups of basil leaves.   Another group used the food processor to make the pesto.   The last group cooked the noodles and mixed it with our homemade pesto to create “pesto” pasta.   It was finally time to eat our hard work!