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“A high quality early childhood education can help break the cycle of poverty.  Providing young children with a strong start early on can help counteract disadvantaged environments.  Early childhood education is not only a smart investment with positive returns, but it is the right thing to do.  Our nation cannot afford the cost of inaction”  – US Chamber of Commerce, Institute for a Competitive Workforce

“Investing early allows to shape the future; investing later chains us to fixing the missed opportunities of the past.  Controlling our destiny is more in keeping with the American spirit.”  – James Heckman, The Economics of Inequality

“Long term academic achievement leads to economic self-sufficiency.  If we want Hoosier kids to finish strong, then we need to help them start well.  Numerous factors impact the prospects of our youngest Hoosiers, especially those who live in poverty.  Along with faithful family support and improved health, high quality preschools like St. Mary’s can complete the magic formula for early childhood success.” -Bill Stanczykiewicz, Indianapolis Star

We asked our board members why they support St. Mary’s Child Center.  These are their responses:

“We support St. Mary’s Child Center because we believe that the curriculum is superior, the children get the nurturing they deserve and need and most of the money raised helps the children in a very direct way.  SMCC is changing the future of this generation and our community and has an impressive impact on the lives of so many families.”

-Terri Stauffer, retired, Business Furniture

“Early childhood education can make a profound difference in the lives of underprivileged children.  While we help many children today, there are still a large number we don’t have the physical or financial capacity to serve, and I would like to change that.”

-John Hart Jr., JC Hart


“It’s in our mission statement.  I have the opportunity to impact preschool children in poverty who are at life and learning risk.  This becomes real as an active board member, fund raiser and associate of the highly talented and professional and EFFECTIVE staff of St. Mary’s.  These kids are the future of our schools, neighborhoods and companies.”

-Tom Curran, Raymond James


  1. It is a great cause and you might change the life of someone that changes the world.
  2. An opportunity to give back.
  3. Get to interact with terrific people.
  4. Years ago, Russ and Donna Dellen forced me into it.

- Joe Breen, Huntington Bank


“St. Mary’s Child Center provides hope, confidence, knowledge and love to children in our community that seldom receive all of these valuable components of life.  Through these efforts for the children, SMCC enhances my life in these same areas.  As a result of SMCC’s efforts, our community and my life experiences are made better….MUCH BETTER!  While my reason for supporting SMCC is simple, the SMCC impacts are extraordinary for all of us.”

-Matt Cohoat, Becknell Industrial


“I support SMCC for the awesome mission that we have been doing for 50 years- making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children in our community.  Knowing that as a board member and godparent, that our individual gifts of time, talent and treasure make a difference.  It is reassuring to know that for what we invest it goes directly to the children.  A second reason is for the outstanding people that I have had the privilege of working and socializing with over the past 8-10 years.”

-Bob Koehne, Kentwood Office Furniture


“My support of St. Mary’s is driven by three things:

  1. The need of the kids who attend there, once you meet them, you can’t forget them.
  2. The caring and professional staff that dedicate their lives on a daily basis to caring for and educating the kids, not just academically but in social and personal skills.
  3. The board of volunteers who give of their time and expertise to make this organization so strong, respected and acknowledged as one of the benchmarks in early childhood education.”
    -Bob Groogan, retired, Shiel Sexton


“Every child deserves a childhood- a very powerful statement… Early childhood education is important for all children but most especially those who are at an economic disadvantage.  Lowering the percentage of economically disadvantaged children to the prison pipeline and allowing these children to start their formal education at a level that or above their peers not only helps the child, but the entire community.  Plus…the smiles on the faces of all St. Mary’s children are priceless!”

- Tina Brennan, Simon Property Group


“Because it’s the right thing to do!  This is an amazing organization under incredible leadership that successfully meets the needs of our city’s most needy children.”

-Diana Maxam, ProMed