Giant Seeds

The children in Room 3 have been investigating avocados. Miss Kelsey brought in a couple of avocado pits and challenged the children to find out where the giant seed came from. The students felt the pits, smelled them, and even cracked one in half. Miss Kelsey brought in a photo of a halved avocado. One of the children recognized it and exclaimed, "This is an avocado seed!" Only a couple of the students had tried an avocado before, so we took a walk to the nearby Marsh to buy some and do just that!

A few of the children liked the taste of the avocados. Most of them shouted, "It's SO slimy!"

Some of the children wanted to know if avocados are fruits or vegetables. We did some research and found out that they are fruits! We also learned how to grow an avocado tree from a seed. It's very different than any of the other seeds we have planted.

The children had the opportunity to use utensils to try to get the pits out of the slippery avocados. We are currently drying out some of our pits to attempt to grow!

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