Sport of Football

The children in room one have been talking about the sport of football. We have been learning the sport of football and all the importance of how the game is played. We are still continuing our research and enjoying all that comes with know all about football.

IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0718.JPG 

 IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0726.JPG

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More on Fire Safety

The children in room 1 have been very interested in fire safety. We took a trip to the Ivy Tech Community College to see if they are fire safety in their school. 


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Fire Safety

The children in room 1 have been learning about fire trucks, fire fighters, and fire safety. We have been doing observational drawings of fire trucks and watching YouTube videos on the importance of what to do when a fire happens.



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Ready for Spring

The children in room 1 are ready for spring! We have been enjoying the warmer weather and getting out doors and exploring the new growing flowers that are coming up. We are seeing new purple and yellow flowers growing. We have also been doing research on the names of the flowers by reading books and going to YouTube to see how flowers grow and what they need to grow. Water, Dirt and Sun. 

DSC_0433.JPG DSC_0435.JPGDSC_0462.JPG

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Favorite Things

This week we have been exploring our most favorite activities. We enjoy doing our shaving cream and watercolors, playdough and water balls. 



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Rainbow Fish

This week in room 1 we have been doing literacy activities. We have been reading the rainbow fish and the rainbow with to the rescue. We enjoyed the book so much that we make our own rainbow fish using playdough and beads. The children enjoyed doing the activity and learned a lot from reading the story. 



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Fort Harrison State Park

This week we teamed up with room 3 at the Gillilate building and went to the Fort Harrison State Park. We took pictures of the beautiful pictures of the park and we will take a the photos and turn them into puzzles.  We all are working together to make a beautiful puzzle.

DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0049.JPG DSC_0052.JPG DSC_0057.JPG

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The Puzzle Makers: Trial, Error and Making Connections to Previous Understandings!

The children of Room 1 have been very interested in all different types of puzzles. Today, we used granite tiles to see if we could make one of our own! First, the children simply took a plain tile and hammered it until it broke. Once it had cracked and we had lots of pieces, we took it to see if we could put it back together. The children quickly discovered that getting it back to its original state was almost impossible! Because of this, we brought out some of the puzzles that they already had in the classroom and discussed the characteristics. It didn’t take long for the children to discover that the pictures and particular lines of the puzzles where what we used to understand how to correctly reassemble them. With this, the children took a blank, unbroken tile and added their own artwork to it. Like the first, this tile was broken into pieces and explored by the children. This time, the children had lots of success putting their puzzle together!


Unpainted puzzle…

 Jamiya: It’s a glass puzzle!

Adrian: It’s not like an easy puzzle.

Christian: Yeah, ‘cuz we smashed it!



Painted puzzle…

Daniel: It’s my puzzle.

Jamiya: This one stickin’ together!

Daniel: The pieces are big.



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Halloween Fun

Today the students of the room are celebrating Halloween. The children have been going around the building trick or treating, pumpkin carving and enjoying dressing up as their favorite super hero or cartoon charter. The children really enjoyed the day and are happy to go home with lots of candy! 

 IMG_6565.JPG IMG_6569.JPG IMG_6572.JPG IMG_6580.JPG IMG_6583.JPG Picture7.jpg

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Community Exploration

Room 1 has been going out into the community. We have taken trips to see a horse ranch, international grocery store and Ft. Harrison state park. We enjoy very much seeing what our environment has to offer.



IMG_6042.JPG IMG_6054.JPG

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