Finishing Up Our Baby Project

We are finishing up our project on babies. We took a field trip last week to East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center to see a baby room and to interact with the babies. They compared the baby room with our room, noting that they have cots too but they’re just smaller than ours. We learned that the baby room has centers and identity boards like ours but they have gates to keep the babies in whereas we do not. After the field trip we reflected on what we have learned from this project.

“They eat pineapple like us.” – Omar

“Some go to sleep then they get woke up.” – Ben

“Babies can paint too.” – Ma’Kyla

“The babies like books.” – Ben

“The toys were smaller and ours are bigger.” – Ben

“The teachers keep the baby milk in the refrigerator.” – DaMaury

“I liked when we read with the babies.” – Ma’Kyla



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Continuing our Study of Babies

Room 1 is continuing our investigation of babies. The students tried various kinds of baby food. Banana was their favorite flavor, but they did not like the rice or corn. We also talked about how babies stay healthy and we shared our baby pictures with each other. We are continuing to work on our letter and number identification skills, and how to spell our names.

Some of the comments from the baby food taste test:

“It smell like baby food.”

“Banana taste good.”

“I don’t like corn, it taste nasty.”

“I liked the mango and banana. The corn is nasty.”



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The students in room 1 have decided to investigate babies. They are curious about how to take care of babies, what they eat, and how they stay safe. Many of the students have brought in pictures of themselves when they were babies, which have sparked some very interesting conversations. In addition, the students have been engaged in our small world play sensory stations. They especially enjoyed exploring bears, and other arctic animals and their habitats.


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Making Snow

The students are excited to be back to school after the long winter break. We have been having a lot of fun with science lately. We made snow, experimented with popcorn, baking soda and vinegar, and we made sensory bottles using magnet chips and magnet wands.

IMG_6105.JPG   IMG_6131.JPG

IMG_6134.JPG   IMG_6145.jpg

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Preparing for Christmas

Room 1 has been busy preparing for Christmas. We have made cookies, created a classroom Christmas tree and opened a gift wrapping station in the room. At this station, the students can select an empty box and choose the type of wrapping paper and bows to use. The students have really enjoyed talking with one another about their “gifts”, plus it has been a great way for them to practice their scissor cutting skills.

1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg

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Room 1 has been investigating frogs. We’ve discussed the frog life cycle, how they breathe, where they live, and what they eat.

“Frogs eat bugs.” – Ben

“I see them at home in a pond and they are green.” – Da’Ron

“Why does this frog have a tail?” – Maddie

“They can be red and green.” – Yanni

“Where do frogs go at night?” – Ka’Myla

2.jpg   3.jpg   4.jpg

5.jpg   6.jpg   IMG_2849.JPG1.JPG

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Classroom Activities

Room one has been super busy doing fun activates in the classroom. We have been exploring painting and mixing colors. We have also been making more stories and reading them to our friends during meeting. We have been counting numbers and grouping objects in the classroom.  We are learning and exploring always and making new connections each and everyday.


DSCN1987.jpg   DSCN2000.jpg   DSCN2004.jpg

DSCN2005.jpg   DSCN2057.jpg   DSCN2071.jpg

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Bunny Land

Room one has been doing a fantastic job. We are still continuing our story of the Bunny Land. We have been drawing stories about Bunny Land and going on a Bunny Hunt for the missing sock. We have been doing color sorting and counting.  We have also been making shapes with rulers, going to feed the ducks and going to unlock the door to bunny land.

DSCN1772.jpg   DSCN1783.jpg



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Where are the Socks?

The children have been on the on the search for the missing sock. They have been enjoying the story of the bunny who takes all the socks from the dryer and takes them to “Bunny Land”.  The bunny came to St. Mary’s and took our sock.  We have been looking for our missing sock in the dryer in the hopes that the bunny will return it safely. We have been writing our bunny land stories in our books and sharing them during meeting. We have been very busy in room 1 looking for the bunny who took our sock.


DSCN1568.JPG    DSCN1505.JPG   DSCN1543.JPG

DSCN1548(1).JPG   DSCN1570.jpg

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Wonderful Things Happening at St. Mary's

We are in the second week of school here in Room 1 at the Gilliatte Building. The children are becoming more comfortable with the classroom and the teachers. They are making friends and enjoying the activities that we all get to do during the school day. The children are enjoying outdoor play, the studio, and indoor activities such as play dough and silly puddy. We are all happy and excited about all the wonderful things that are happening at St. Mary’s.

DSCN1236.JPG   DSCN1305.JPGDSCN1319.jpg



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