Rubberband Painting!

Today in class, we decided to approach a different way of painting ... with RUBBER-BANDS!

    rubberbandpainting1.png rubberbandpainting2.png

rubberbandpainting3.png rubberbandpainting5.png rubberbandpainting9.png

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More Lights!

In room 2 at the Gillette building our classes has been very interested with lights. We are starting a light project. We have been discovering different variations of lights . We have walked around in building finding different lights in classrooms and offices. We have explored outside finding lights also. We  use different materials such as projector, mini tornado lamp, Christmas lights and natural lights.

Picture1.png Picture2.png

Picture4.png Picture5.png

         Picture6.png Picture7.png

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Looking for LIGHT!

In support of room 2’s light project… we took a walk around our community so as to find and photograph different sources of light. The children found quite a few on their own and were very eager to have their turn at becoming photographers. In addition, we discussed natural light and where it came from. To further these discussions, we observed a large pond that had many different reflections and lots of “bouncing” light…


In the sky…


The sky is very bright today, I wonder if that is light shining through…

Ashlynn: Yeah!

Mayte: It’s in the air.


Street light…


Ashlynn: You can follow the street.

Mayte: So it not dark.


Car lights…


Yeshua: To go to work.

Mayte: For dark to go here.


Lights on the building…


Mayte: For the dark and when you go out and in.


Sign lights…


Mayte: I found a light!

Yeshua: Yeah, I found a light back there.

Ashlynn: It’s a big, giant “hulo” light.


*We stopped and looked at the reflections and light coming off of the pond. There wasn’t yet a large understanding of reflection or how the light bounces off of the water (or other things). This might be a good direction to move in to further understandings and making connections to prior knowledge!

lights1.jpg           lights2.jpg

lights3.jpg lights4.jpg

lights5.jpg lights6.jpg

lights7.jpg lights8.jpg

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Book Making and Slime

Yesterday we explored book making. The children used various materials in creating their own story.  We also worked on some sensory activity. We made slime!

 Picture26.jpg Picture27.jpg Picture28.jpg

Picture29.jpg Picture33.jpgPicture34.jpgPicture30.jpg Picture32.jpgPicture31.jpg


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Craft Sticks

On Monday, we explored with craft sticks, laundry pins and rubber bands. The children made different items using craft sticks and laundry pins. They also explored their numbers using different materials to the different number sticks. 

Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg

Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg

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Today, the children of room 2 at the Gilliate building were given a brief introduction to the works of Pablo Picasso. They were then invited to use various mediums to create Picasso inspired works of their own! Can you tell which one is a robot? How about the octopus? That’s the beauty of Picasso. He had the uncanny ability to create surreal, but oft recognizable representations while still leaving observers with a sense of wonder. It is not uncommon for our children to work and create in the exact same way… and that is what you see here! 





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Marble Tracks

 Today we worked on making different line patterns using marble tracks and marbles.

Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg 

 Picture7.jpgPicture4.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture3.jpg

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Puzzles and Problem Solving

Today we  worked together on completing a puzzle . They worked on problem solving strategies with peers.

 Picture13.jpg Picture14.jpg Picture15.jpg Picture16.jpg Picture19.jpg Picture20.jpg

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Library Visit

Today we went  to visit the library. We found books about Fire Trucks.

 Picture10.jpg Picture11.jpg Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg

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Fire Station

The children of room 2 at the Gilliate building have taken an interest in firetrucks. So, we went to the fire station! The children explored the perimeter of the building, discussed where the trucks might be, and even found one at the back of the building!


Arriving at the fire station…

De’Asia: We at the firetruck. It in the garage!

Ashlynn: You ring the bell and they come out.

Good theory… let’s try!

Emoni: Nothin’!

Nobody came out. So, who works here?

Ashlynn: The people.

Emoni: I saw the light in there ‘cuz it’s open.

Emoni: It’s a firetruck! *points to police car*


Finding the firetruck…

Everyone: Firetruck!

How did you know?!

Journei: ‘Cuz it’s red!

Emoni: There’s water on there!

De’Asia: So they can clean your car off!

Ashlynn: No, for fire.

De’Asia: I see wheels.

Ashlynn: A ladder!

For what?

For the house!

Coryon: For climbing!

Dylan: *makes siren noise*

De’Asia: That on top!

Ashlynn: Yeah, it’s a light!


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