Fire Station

The children of room 2 at the Gilliate building have taken an interest in firetrucks. So, we went to the fire station! The children explored the perimeter of the building, discussed where the trucks might be, and even found one at the back of the building!


Arriving at the fire station…

De’Asia: We at the firetruck. It in the garage!

Ashlynn: You ring the bell and they come out.

Good theory… let’s try!

Emoni: Nothin’!

Nobody came out. So, who works here?

Ashlynn: The people.

Emoni: I saw the light in there ‘cuz it’s open.

Emoni: It’s a firetruck! *points to police car*


Finding the firetruck…

Everyone: Firetruck!

How did you know?!

Journei: ‘Cuz it’s red!

Emoni: There’s water on there!

De’Asia: So they can clean your car off!

Ashlynn: No, for fire.

De’Asia: I see wheels.

Ashlynn: A ladder!

For what?

For the house!

Coryon: For climbing!

Dylan: *makes siren noise*

De’Asia: That on top!

Ashlynn: Yeah, it’s a light!


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Color Recognition

Since Fall Break, we have done some fun color recognition, book making and made some Halloween slime.

10-27_2.jpg 10-27_3.jpg 10-27_4.jpg

10-27_5.jpg 10-27.jpg

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Salt Art

We practiced writing letters in salt & got to do a fun project with Mr. Bryan in the art studio.

9-27_1.jpg 9-27_2.jpg 9-27_3.jpg

9-27_4.jpg 9-27_5.jpg

9-27_6.jpg 9-27_7.jpg

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Today we explored working on putting puzzles together.  Many friends worked together to complete the puzzles.  Another activity was dancing with balloons.  They really enjoyed these activities. 


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Painting Pine Cones

Today the children explored painting pine cones. They used different paints and glitter to make their beautiful art work.


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Monster Books

We explored stringing beads and buttons. We made our own monster books after reading Night Night Green Monster and Leonardo the Terrible Monster.


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Students New and Old

Welcome new and old students! This week has been dedicated to welcoming students to St. Mary’s! We have been learning about material and classroom schedule! The children are exploring trains and art materials. Looking forward to a wonderful year!


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Children have continued their interests in restaurants.  They continually ask  about the types  of restaurants we will find near us,  To answer their question, We made our first visit to Jackamo’s Pizza!  During this visit children got to observe and ask questions about the restaurant.

Questions asked during visit:

Where is a menu?

Can we get pizza here?

What is the Gorilla on the menu?

What can we eat?  Do you have my favorite pizza?

Picture1.png   Picture2.png

Picture3.png   Picture4.png


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New School Year, New Friends

As we start another school year, the children are learning about their new school and friends.  They have started planning, constructing, and building castles and pawn shops.  Children have explored a variety of materials in the classroom including, different ways of measuring.

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Building Materials and Machines

In room 2 we are still continuing our exploring with building. We are learning about building with different materials and the different machines that help build things like houses and tall office buildings. We continue to read books, look at pictures and videos learning how things are put together. We are having exciting time learning and exploring how things are built and will continue to understand as much as needed and build our own houses, and tall buildings.

pic 1

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