Mix it Up

Children read “Mix It Up!” by Henre Tullet. (A story about color mixing). After reading “Mix it Up,” children mixed the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to transform into different colors!



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Ongoing Construction

We continue to investigate building and construction. The study has led the classroom to a third visit to the construction site on 56th street. Children noticed the building has new siding, brick, and wood. The children were encouraged to do another observational drawing of the building. Children have dictated stories about structures they have built and explored new building materials. Buildings are everywhere in the community and vary in size, color, construction, material, function, and location. They have begun learning about construction workers’ jobs and the purposes of different structures. We go in and out of buildings every day and see new ones being constructed.

Children are intrigued by building and creating but demolishing and disconnecting as well. For the next several weeks children will learn about simple machines and how they work, shapes in architecture, measuring using objects as units, and that tools can be used in different ways. Children will continue having opportunities for firsthand exploration. They will expand their knowledge and understanding of building materials and physical forces.




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