Ready for the Holidays

The children of Room 3 have been as busy as ever. Recently, we have been getting ready for the holidays by putting up and decorating a Christmas tree and writing letters to Santa. Hooray for literacy! Speaking of literacy, we have also been doing other fun activities to promote children’s interest and growth in this area such as table top salt writing, continued bookmaking, letters of my name bingo, as well as every day “free” writing. In addition to reading and writing activities, the children are of course engaged in much more with activities such as measuring and mixing potions, sorting on shape boards, making “ooblek” and “gak”, and building. Oh, how these kiddos love to build! It is astounding to see the creativity that comes from such young minds during these ventures as well as all of the others. We always want there to be independent growth and learning occurring. To see this happening daily is a truly inspirational thing. As always, thank you for taking the time to check us out here at St. Mary’s Child Center. From all of us here in Room 3, the rest of the Gilliate building, and our other locations, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

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Egg Project

Hello! As always, thank you for taking the time to look into what’s happening here at St. Mary’s Child Center!!! We have been very busy. Pictured, you will see just a few of the goings-on here in Room 3. We continue our egg project. Recently, the children were introduced to an incubator with which we will use to hatch our own chicks! We have also been doing hands on explorations with shapes and fixing things that need work in our classroom. The children have all come into their own, and are true advocates for their own learning!!!

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Exploring & Experimenting

We have been busy exploring, experimenting, and just having a ton a fun here in Room 3! It is amazing to see where we are now as opposed to just a few weeks ago when school started. The children have all come into their own while embracing routines and being part of our family! We have a blast coming up with new ways to learn as a class. Enjoy these photos of us bringing these ideas to life!

IMG_0891.JPG   IMG_0927.JPG   IMG_0995.JPG

IMG_1056.JPG    IMG_1120.JPG   IMG_1140.JPG


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Early Writing & Literacy

This week, one of our main focuses will be writer’s workshop/bookmaking. As children begin their voyage into writing and literacy, their ever growing knowledge may present itself in different ways. Some children may make books with no words at all, but are still able to tell their story. Some will write scribble or swirly lines that represent “faux” writing. Some will begin to write familiar letters or strings of letters and some may even be further along in their adventures into literacy!  It is important to recognize that all of these early representations are amazing and mean a great deal to a child’s development in these areas. Better yet, it gives teaching points that we can build upon next!



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Exciting Start

It has been a very exciting start here in Room 3! We have been exploring our indoor and outdoor environments, making new friends, and discussing our interests with one another! The classroom is already growing into a tight knit community and we are thrilled with how quickly everyone has embraced the new school year. In addition to becoming acquainted or reacquainted with the school, there are many explorations we’ve made already. We have had our first experiences in bookmaking, pattern making, beading, writing, mixed-medium painting, and observational drawing. To top off our great start, we found a goose egg while exploring a neighboring pond. The children are so, SO excited to discuss this finding, and we look forward to seeing where these discussions take us.

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The children of Room 3 have been extremely interested in the study of tornados. We have been watching videos, studying books, and discussing all aspects of this powerful force of nature. For a culminating activity we have built a HUGE tornado sculpture in our school’s studio.

IMG_3739.JPG   IMG_3789.JPG   IMG_3982.JPG

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Building & Dancing

The children of room 3 continue on with their building project. On Tuesday, they visited Ms. Elizabeth in the studio to experiment with building with caps while observing how to use the hot glue gun. The children have also been very interested in music and dance and have developed new and familiar social connections using this vessel.

IMG_5125 IMG_5147 IMG_5148

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Fixing the Clock

Last week, we realized that our clock was broken. Today, we decided to try to fix it. The children used various tools to disassemble the clock as we had conversations about the different parts and how to put it back together. The clock did not survive, but we learned a lot!

Picture1 Picture2

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Recycled Materials & Clay

The children of room 3 have been continuing on with our building investigations, exploring recycled materials and clay! A lot of the children had never experienced clay and were given the chance to try it out using their hands and feet! We have also been very interested in music as we often dance, play instruments, and sing. We have also had people from our wonderful community volunteering their time to be with the children. Actors from the Civic Theatre, college students, and Ms. Jeanne, our yoga instructor have been wonderful assets to our learning! Thank you all.

IMG_5208 IMG_5229 IMG_5241 IMG_5258 IMG_5302

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Construction on a Larger Scale

Last week, the children of Room 3 visited a construction site to see if they could gather any ideas to use for their building projects in the classroom. They were eager to take some of what they observed and implement it into their investigations. The children had been building on a smaller scale, using Legos, KEVA blocks and Magnet Tiles, but after seeing construction take place on a larger scale they began to broaden their ideas as to what could be used as foundations in the room (tables, chairs, boxes, larger building blocks). They also enjoyed using the model cars to recreate the actions of the construction vehicles.



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