Fun with Fabric!

One of our families donated a bunch of large pieces of fabric.  Over the past several days children have been using it to create forts, castles, and tents. 

When building today some of the children had some really good conversation together:

La’Miyah: It’s a fort! This is going to be the best fort ever!
We made a door you use to get in. 

Ms. Misty: Genesis what are you bringing into the fort?

Genesis: I’m going to bring some books with us

Miroslava: I brought a phone to watch videos!

La’Miyah: Yeah there is a door.  It’s actually a secret pathway.  You sneak in quiet so the monsters don’t come.  That’s why we need the phone and the light from it. 

Yarely: Yeah turn off light! Good night we are going to bed!




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"A Little Guitar"

Today Ms. Emily brought in an instrument.  Many children said it looked like a little guitar.  She told them it is called a “Ukulele.”  She discussed how you strum the strings to make music.  We sang many songs together and the children were encouraged to create sounds and music on their own. 

guitar1.jpg guitar2.jpg 

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Monster Trucks!

Several children have been very interested in “monster trucks.”   Today, we looked up images of trucks on “google” so they could create drawings from photos.   While looking, we found a video of trucks doing special tricks. They were immediately intrigued, and it began a lot of conversation about trucks and how they work.  I found some monster trucks to bring in the room for the children to explore.  They began to make ramps and obstacle courses in the sensory table.

Here are some of the exchanges between the children:

Diego: They jump high in the air!
Steven: We need a ramp so they can jump
Antoni: Yeah, they jump piles
Steven: They are really big with big tires. 
Antoni: They wear helmets
Steven: Oh yeah, they wear helmets so they can help their heads when they flip.
Ms. Misty: What can we use to create a ramp for them to jump?
Steven: Oh, we can use blocks! Big blocks! I think we can make two at a time.

monstertruck1.jpg monstertruck2.jpg

monstertruck5.jpg monstertruck6.jpg

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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Many children in Room 4 have been interested in talking about each other’s shoes.  When they arrive for the day, they bring to our attention that children and teachers are wearing the same type or same color shoes.  Several shoes were brought in for the children to explore and put on.  Here were some of their comments:

Genesis: You put them on in the rain for jumping puddles.

Bre’Leia:  You can dance with them.  A boy holds your hand and spins you around. 

Biannett: Your shoes are for you to go walking, running and to play outside.

Aletse: Boots are for mud puddles.

La’Miyah:  Do you think these will fit me? They are big, but they feel nice!

Rylan: Ms. Misty look, we both have boots.  (she then pointed out the zipper in each of our shoes.)

shoes1.jpg shoes2.jpg

             shoes3.jpg shoes4.jpg

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Holiday Family Fun!

Families were invited to participate in a family engagement activity at our school.  Families created ornaments with their child and enjoyed some popcorn with hot cocoa! When the ornaments were finished, children hung them on our Christmas tree.   Thank you to all the families who made this a successful event! 

ornament1.jpg ornament2.jpg ornament3.jpg

           ornament4.jpg ornament5.jpg ornament6.jpg

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Civic Theatre comes to SMCC!

Today Susan from the Civic Theatre visited Room 4.  She brought along her suitcase of books and props for some interactive storytelling.  She encouraged the children to use their voice, face, and bodies to be actors while reading various storybooks.   

               civictheatre1.jpg civictheatre2.jpg

civictheatre3.jpg civictheatre4.jpg

civictheatre5.jpg civictheatre6.jpg

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Snow Cone!

Our weekly volunteer has been such a blessing  to our classroom and school.  After volunteering all morning she came back in the afternoon with her husband Mr. Brian.  They made snow cones for not only our classroom, but for all the children and families of Gilliatte.  Everyone enjoyed our special treat and had a great time!   Thank you Ms. Diane and Mr. Brian!

snowcone2.jpg snowcone3.jpg

snowcone4.jpg snowcone5.jpg


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Brick and Mortar Project!

We used small building blocks, shaving cream, and plastic knives for building.  In a few books children have discovered that builders use mortar between bricks to keep them together to create houses and walls. 
While building the children had so much to say! Here are some of their comments on describing what they were building:
“I made  house with a window.” Javier
“I gave it a roof!  It has a garage.  You get into your truck, then go out the garage. “ –Steven
“It will fall without the shaving cream!” –Biannett

building1.jpg building2.jpg building3.jpg

               building4.jpg building5.jpg

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On a walk.. to look at houses!

Outside of our school we have had lots of  new construction.  The children have really been engaged in interested in building their houses with various manipulatives, loose parts and Legos that were donated to our classroom by our volunteer, Ms. Diane.  Today we went on a walk to search for houses and talk about what they see.
Here are some of their observations:
“A house has windows.” –Genesis
“A garage is for cars, I have a garage.  They have gardens.” –Steven
“It has a door ‘cause you get it.  I got keys for the door.  It turns it around.” –Bre’Leia
“Some houses don’t have a garage.  This house have 4 doors” -Biannett

walk1.jpg walk2.jpg

walk3.jpg walk4.jpg

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We are off to such a great start of our school year.  Children in room 4 have been working on routines, staying safe and getting to know what is in our community.  Today we took a field trip to the duck pond.  Children discovered that there are various types of ducks and explored the various plants that grow.   We also found 3 very big doors that the children really enjoyed looking through.



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