Ice Cream!

Students in Room 4 at our Gilliatte Building conducted a survey to see which ice cream flavor was the most popular amongst the students. Strawberry took the win!



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Spontaneous Construction

Students were invited into the studio and were presented with various provocations. Their materials included cardboard, scissors, tape, writing and drawing utensils, and examples of blueprints that construction workers might use when building a house. The children planned and discussed what they wanted to create with their blueprints, then went on to begin constructing homes of their own! 


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Indianapolis Children's Choir

Ms. Polly from the Indianapolis Children's Choir visited our Gilliatte Building this week. She taught songs to the students and brought in various instruments while introducing different concepts of music.

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Family Day in Room 4

Room 4 invited their families to the classroom to create a classroom display with the students. The display shows their various hopes and dreams for their children both in and out of the classroom. It was truly heartwarming to see the parents' and what they wished for their children's futures. It was our first family engagement event of the year and we are excited to have many more! 



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Tall Painting

Children from room 4 visited the studio and were invited to explore acrylic paint in an unconventional way. Instead of using brushes to paint directly onto a canvas, the children used a method we like to call ‘tall painting.' For this, acrylic paint is mixed with water to give it a more fluid consistency that is ideal for pouring. Then, a large tree stump was placed in the work area with canvas directly underneath. Children then poured the paint directly on top of the stump and watched it run down onto the canvas. One color is poured directly on top of another, with this process repeating which creates a beautiful marriage of color that you would not see with the typical brush to canvas. The way the colors run together without mixing can almost be described as a marbling effect that really helps the children understand that colors and mediums can interact in many different ways!



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Clay Provocations

The children of Room 4 at our Gilliate building visited the studio where they were welcomed by a clay provocation. The children began by feeling and molding the clay. We then discussed how to use the watery ‘slip’ in order to keep the clay moist and adhere different pieces together. It got a bit messy as the children quickly learned that too much water will turn the clay into a goopy mud! As they developed their understanding of the clay’s consistency, the children began using tools to roll, pound, and sculpt. In addition to working with clay, the children demonstrated other interests throughout the morning. Some wanted to read, some even sharing familiar stories with their friends. In a few instances, this carried over to our writing board where children practiced writing some of the letters and words found within their favorite stories. The exploration didn’t end here as children also experimented with rhythm and sound using the drums, built ramps using wood planks and yard sticks, and created patterns using various manipulatives!



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New Classroom Adventures!

We had such a great first day exploring our classroom, meeting new friends and enjoying the outdoor areas! 

DSC_1685.JPG DSC_1704.JPG 


DSC_1707.JPG DSC_1710.JPG

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Fun with Fabric!

One of our families donated a bunch of large pieces of fabric.  Over the past several days children have been using it to create forts, castles, and tents. 

When building today some of the children had some really good conversation together:

La’Miyah: It’s a fort! This is going to be the best fort ever!
We made a door you use to get in. 

Ms. Misty: Genesis what are you bringing into the fort?

Genesis: I’m going to bring some books with us

Miroslava: I brought a phone to watch videos!

La’Miyah: Yeah there is a door.  It’s actually a secret pathway.  You sneak in quiet so the monsters don’t come.  That’s why we need the phone and the light from it. 

Yarely: Yeah turn off light! Good night we are going to bed!




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"A Little Guitar"

Today Ms. Emily brought in an instrument.  Many children said it looked like a little guitar.  She told them it is called a “Ukulele.”  She discussed how you strum the strings to make music.  We sang many songs together and the children were encouraged to create sounds and music on their own. 

guitar1.jpg guitar2.jpg 

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Monster Trucks!

Several children have been very interested in “monster trucks.”   Today, we looked up images of trucks on “google” so they could create drawings from photos.   While looking, we found a video of trucks doing special tricks. They were immediately intrigued, and it began a lot of conversation about trucks and how they work.  I found some monster trucks to bring in the room for the children to explore.  They began to make ramps and obstacle courses in the sensory table.

Here are some of the exchanges between the children:

Diego: They jump high in the air!
Steven: We need a ramp so they can jump
Antoni: Yeah, they jump piles
Steven: They are really big with big tires. 
Antoni: They wear helmets
Steven: Oh yeah, they wear helmets so they can help their heads when they flip.
Ms. Misty: What can we use to create a ramp for them to jump?
Steven: Oh, we can use blocks! Big blocks! I think we can make two at a time.

monstertruck1.jpg monstertruck2.jpg

monstertruck5.jpg monstertruck6.jpg

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