Busy Start to School

Room 4 has been very busy the first two weeks of school. We have enjoyed exploring our room, the playground, the atelier and our yard.  We love to paint, explore different materials on the light table, build with blocks and play outside! We have found a few different insects while outside so we have been investigating insects and spiders.  We are also very excited about our class fish tank. We will soon take a field trip to pick out some more fish! We have been having a great time exploring together and getting to know each other.
Ms. Jessica, Miss Ashley and Ms. Angie
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Summer is Almost Here!

With Summer Break being just a couple of weeks away, we have been extremely busy in Gilliatte room 4!  We are wrapping up our pizza project and our author study on Eric Carle.  We have also been spending a lot of time outside, soaking up the beautiful weather that we have had lately.  The students enjoy going on walking field trips around the school collecting dandelions and flowers and to the duck pond across the street from the school to feed the ducks and the geese.  The students also enjoy making and playing with play dough.


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Warm Weather Walks

The weather has been much warmer lately, and we have had several opportunities to go on walking field trips.  Last week we took a couple of walks to the duck pond across the street from the school.  The students enjoyed collecting rocks, pinecones, leaves and flowers for the nature mobiles we made.  We also got to see some geese with their babies!  This week we took a small group of students on a walk to the Noble Romans inside of Ivy Tech.  The students loved seeing how the pizzas were made and having the opportunity to sample some, too!

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Spring has Sprung!

The students in Gilliatte room 4 have been enjoying this beautiful Spring weather because they have had several opportunities to go outside!  The students have enjoyed doing observational drawings of Spring flowers, going on walking field trips to the duck pond across the street from the school, and going on a field trip to Fort Harrison State Park's playground.  Last week, while we were playing outside on the playground directly outside of our classroom, we discovered that a mother duck decided to make her nest underneath one of the trees!  The students have enjoyed observing the mother duck, doing observational drawings of her, and counting the number of eggs in her nest-so far she has seven eggs in her nest!  The students also helped build a fence around the tree to help keep the mother duck and her eggs safe.  We will be choosing a name for the mother duck, and we are anxious to watch the ducklings hatch!

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Pizza Project

We have been busy with our baking project in Gilliatte room 4, but now we have decided to focus exclusively on baking different types of pizza! The students have enjoyed looking at both fiction and nonfiction books about pizza, transforming our dramatic play area into a pizza parlor, and making a few different types of pizza already. So far we have made large pepperoni and sausage pizzas using homemade pizza dough, individual pepperoni and sausage pizzas using miniature bagels, and fruit pizzas. We hope to go on a field trip to a pizza parlor in the near future!





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Fun in the Snow

The students in Gilliatte room 4 LOVE playing in the snow!  Last week, when we had several inches of snow on the ground, we all bundled up in our snow gear and went outside to the playground in front of our classroom to play in the snow.  The students enjoyed rolling snowballs and making snowmen, making snow angels, and painting the snow with liquid watercolors.
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