Beauty & Hair

Room five has been getting into a hair and beauty project. We have been talking about who does your hair and what you can do with hair. We are now beginning to do some styling of our own and discuss what styles we like! Learning something new about beauty every week has been fun and we can’t wait to see where this goes!


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Studio Explorations

Children were given time to openly explore the studio during their first week back following the New Year. They were especially interested in building and creating with recycled materials. The children worked with cardboard, scissors, tape and pens to create small houses. A few students seemed to be more interested in using more concrete materials when building their structure such as small tiles, granite and wooden planks. 



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Letters and Numbers

Our students have been learning and practicing writing letters and numbers! They have enjoyed learning the alphabet and incorporating different pieces of literature into their studies. Practice makes perfect! 



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Studio Time in Room 5

The children in Room 5 have enjoyed exploring their interests in the studio. They have been working with a provocation of beads, wire and picture frames. They were very meticulous as they challenged themselves with threading beads of various sizes through strands of wire. This proved to require a great deal of focus as they had to maneuver around the loops and bends that each strand of wire presented! We enjoy seeing our students interact with the different provocations that are around them in the classrooms. 



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Bath Bombs!

The children in Room 5 have been especially interested in water and its different forms. Today we took bath bombs and first just observed them before placing them in the water! We made predictions about what was going to happen when we placed it in the water. 

Some of our predictions were "it's going to melt" "it will go away"

 Then we watched what happened when we put it in the water and then talked about how the bath bomb changed!

"It looks like a rock" "Yea it fizzy" 

bathbomb1.jpg bathbomb2.jpg bathbomb3.jpg 

                      bathbomb4.jpg bathbomb5.jpg

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Science Experiments!

The kids in Room 5 this year have been enjoying doing their own science experiments! Each of the kids took some baking soda and vinegar mixed with water color and watch what happened while we mixed the colored vinegar into the baking soda. They had so much fun watching it fizz and the colors mix together!

                        scienceexperiment1.jpg scienceexperiment2.jpg scienceexperiment3.jpg

scienceexperiment4.jpg scienceexperiment5.jpg scienceexperiment6.jpg scienceexperiment7.jpg

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Getting Ready for the New School Year!

Our teachers have been working diligently all week to get their classrooms all ready for the start of the new school year this Monday!

classroom1.jpg classroom_2.jpg classroom_3.jpg

classroom_4.jpg classroom_5.jpg classroom_6.jpg

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National Donut Day!!!

In honor of National Donut Day Room 5 celebrated by making donuts and opening up a donut shop! First, we made our own donuts and each child designed some donuts of their own. When the kids saw how delicious their donuts looked they decided it was a good idea to open up a 'Donut Shop!' 

Some of the kids made money and some decided to make some other kinds of donuts to sell. They talked about what kinds of donuts people would like the most and how much they could sell them for. Then, we decided it was a good idea to sell some milk and coffee with our donuts! After all of our products were ready we opened up our shop and the kids sold donuts to one another! Happy National Donut Day!!!

donut1.jpg donut2.jpg donut3.jpg

                   donut4.jpg donut5.jpg 


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All sorts of FRUITS!

Some of the students in Room 5 started talking at breakfast time one day about different kinds of fruits. Then it got brought up again during playtime in the kitchen later... 

"I think this is an orange"

"This is strawberry"

"No that rasberry"

Because of their interest in fruits a grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange and regular orange were purchased and brought into the classroom. First we cut up the fruits and noticed how inside all the fruits looked a little different even though the outsides looked a lot alike. We used our sense of touch and smell with the fruits. Then we decided to use the fruits to paint! We loved watching how the fruits stamped on our papers!

fruit1.jpg fruit2.jpg fruit3.jpg

              fruit4.jpg fruit5.jpg

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Observing the Outside!

Today we took a trip outside and observed what we saw all around us- the sun, leaves on the ground, cars, houses, buildings. Then we made observational drawings of those things we saw in the world around us and talked about them as we drew!

outside1.jpg outside2.jpg

outside3.jpg outside4.jpg

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