Student​s in Room 5 have been particularly interested in spiders! It all started when we found a spider outside and decided we'd better name it then we started asking all kinds of questions like: do all spiders look like this? do all of them have fur or just some? can spiders see us? are they boys or girls? Our explorations have taken us to books about spiders to learn more about them, observational drawings and a special spider hunt we went on as a class! We are excited to see where our Spider Project takes us next!

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Shadows, Bugs and Imagination

The children of room 5 at the Gilliate building have been visiting the studio and relayed that they are still showing lots of interest in the lights. To support this, a small shadow provocation was introduced so that interested children could explore the shadows of different items. This brought on some awesome conversation! In addition, this particular classroom has been showing great interest in bugs. So, we of course had to go outside to hunt for some, dig through our studio’s natural items, and observe any findings closely. Some children demonstrated their creativeness in other area. For example, some were turning boxes into cars while others were becoming waitresses!


Sadik: Shadows!

What can make a shadow?

Sadik: Manos.

Aiden: Spiders

Samaria: Did you know a crocodile mouth can make a shadow? Your hands can make shadows too… and faces!

What if I told you that anything can make a shadow?

Samaria: But a clock can’t make a shadow.

It can’t? Should we see?

Genesis: It does! The pencil can.

Aiden: The glue!

So, why do these things make shadows?

Aiden: ‘Cause it bright enough… ‘cause it too light.

Samaria: Every time there’s no light on and there is just another light on it makes a shadow.

Aiden: If a light make a shadow and you can see it, you see the sun and it’s bright enough ‘cause it’s hot and you never touch it before. And the clouds cover the sun and then it gets dark.


(Ants inside the wood…)


Angel: They finding food!

Abraham: Come here ants!

20170821_093257.jpg 20170821_093322.jpg 20170821_093522.jpg

20170821_093709.jpg 20170821_095504.jpg 20170821_100234.jpg

20170821_104139.jpg 20170821_104204.jpg 20170821_104910.jpg

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Supporting New Curiosities: Pigs

The children of room 5 at the Gilliate building have shown interest and are beginning to hold discussions about pigs! To really get things going, the class took a trip to the library to gather books, discuss specifically what they’d like to learn about, and of course explore the library!


Tell me about the pigs in your books…

Alyssa: He smelling the camera!

Nakai: Look at his teeth. It sharp!

Alyssa: I see black on his legs ‘cuz that’s mud.

Alyssa: They’re babies are eating.


How do they eat?

 Nakai: With their teeth!

 McKenzie: He’s mad. Now he’s happy. They get like that when they play and they eat.

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Interest in Music

Our current area of interest is music. Our interest started out with a few students using pencils to drum on a table. We decided that the pencils were too small, and that the table was not a very good drum. So, we went on a hunt for materials to use as drumsticks and drums! Outside, we found an old tire, and we had some PVC pipe in the room from a previous activity. We put the two together, and we made our very own circle drum! Students danced, sang and drummed to their own songs and to popular songs. The most requested was “Whip and Nae Nae”. We experimented with making other musical instruments, such as shakers, rain sticks, and wind pipes.

Art and music were combined many times throughout our project. Students were asked to drum music notes on a large scale staff, using paint covered drumsticks. We did this as we sang songs together. Later we talked about how different types of music can make us feel. We painted to a fast paced song and a slow, classical song. When the music was fast, many students shook their paintbrushes fast as well. One student said fast music, “made me paint happy”.

9-30_2.jpg 9-30_3.jpg 9-30_4.jpg 9-30_5.jpg 9-30_6.jpg 9-30.jpg

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Marble Mazes

Some of our morning friends who have been very interested in the marble mazes took a field trip to Menards. There, we searched for pipes that we could put together to make our own marble mazes!


9-13_1.jpg 9-13_2.jpg 9-13_3.jpg  

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Movie Theater

We decided to make our own movie theatre in the classroom! Students passed out popcorn, made tickets, arranged movie chairs, drew movies (pictures), and held movie theatre jobs!

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Our class has been interested in water the last couple weeks. Where does it come from? What lives in water? What does water feel like? These questions and more will the topic of discussion for the next few weeks. While morning students were able to do a project with Mr. Bryan in the studio, our afternoon friends were taken on a walk to the Bridges. There, and on the way, we discovered water! 



At the provocation table, we found buckets of water and we investigated objects that floated and objects that sank. Some objects, like the magnetic tiles started out floating then sank once water was trapped inside. 


The next day, we found two buckets, one with hot water and the other with cold water. We experimented with ice, by putting it in both buckets. Some of the questions we discussed were: Did the hot water melt the ice faster, or was it the cold water? What can we do to melt the ice faster? 

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Room 5 has been extremely interested in dramatic play since the beginning of the year. What are we playing in the house? Puppies, of course! We have been talking a lot about how dogs interact with humans. Some of the questions we ask during play time are: What do dogs need to be healthy? What do dogs eat? Where do dogs sleep? How big are dogs? Do dogs talk? What tricks do dogs do?

Over the course of the last three weeks Room 5 students have been exploring these answers. Here are some of the activities we did that involved dogs:

Looking at pictures of dogs at a shelter to use as inspiration for making dog houses.


Building dog houses with cardboard boxes.


Making treats for dogs. They eat Pizza and bones!


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Off to a Fresh Start

Classroom 5 is ready for the year! They're spending time getting to know their classroom and teachers. Painting, building with blocks and making play doh are some of the favorite activities so far. We are looking forward to a great year!


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Author Study: Dr. Seuss

Gilliatte room 5 has been engrossed in bookmaking all school year, in addition to our projects and investigations.  A couple of weeks ago we began an author study of Dr. Seuss, and we hope to continue this author study through the end of the school year.  Each week we have read one of Dr. Seuss's books and then the children have had the opportunity to make their own books.  So far, we have read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; Hop on Pop; and The Cat in the Hat.​  The children have thoroughly enjoyed these books and have recognized that Dr. Seuss made up some words and characters in his books.  They have also recognized that Dr. Seuss used a lot of rhyming words and opposite words in his books.


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