Doctors & Fairy Tales

We have continued with our doctor project, and Dr. Callaghan came into our classroom to further enhance our doctor project.  He brought in some of his doctor tools and organs for the children to see, and he even gave the children some "medicine" (M&M candies).  The children had many stories to tell and many questions to ask Dr. Callaghan.
We have also continued with our fairy tale investigation on The Three Little Pigs.  The children will be performing their play in the very near future.  In addition, we just started a new bookmaking focus topic:  "Author Study-Dr. Seuss", and we have been working on a couple of surprises for Miss Colleen, our Butler student teacher, since her last day with us is next Tuesday.
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Doctor Project

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Fascination with Fairy Tales

The children in Gilliatte room 5 have been fascinated with fairy tales!  We noticed that some of the children were reading fairy tales during "free choice" time and some of them were even acting out their favorite fairy tales in the piazza, so we began an investigation on fairy tales.  This week we read the original version of The Three Little Pigs, as well as the Big Bad Wolf's version, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  We discussed how different the two versions of the story were, and we asked the children whether they believed the pigs or the Big Bad Wolf (most of the children believed the pigs).  Then the children constructed their own houses using straws, toothpicks and marshmallows, and/or Legos, and we tested how strong they were against the Big Bad Wolf (a hair dryer).  Much to our surprise, most of the toothpick and marshmallow houses were stronger than the Lego houses!

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Winter Wonderland

The children in Gilliatte room 5 have been fascinated with ice and snow!  Last week, some of the children found some blocks of ice outside in the sandbox, and they wanted to bring them inside of our classroom.  We put the blocks of ice in a tray and left them out at room temperature to see if they would melt...and they did, just like we had predicted!  One of the children suggested that we then put the melted water in the freezer to see if it would turn back into ice, and it did.  The children have also enjoyed bringing some of the snow inside and painting on it.  To go along with our investigation on ice and snow, we made freezer bag ice cream this week.  It was a huge hit!  :)



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Christmas is Coming!

The children in Gilliatte room 5 are so excited that Christmas is coming, and they have enjoyed doing some Christmas-related activities in addition to our project work on families, our investigation of the five senses, and bookmaking!  They have especially enjoyed making Christmas light patterns, playing "Roll a Snowman" (a math game in which they had to use their number recognition and counting skills), making Christmas cards for family members and friends, writing letters to Santa Claus, trying to melt ice using salt water, making fake snow, and working on their Christmas presents for their families.  On Wednesday the pilots came to visit our classroom, and they read a book to us, taught us how to "fly", and brought Christmas presents for all of the children.  On Thursday Miss Kierra took a small group of children to Santa's mailbox and to the chocolate factory downtown on the circle.

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Family & Fall Fun

We just returned to school after Fall Break!  Since many of the children at St. Mary's are related, and since the children in Gilliatte room 5 are VERY interested in families, we decided to start a project on families.  So far the children have enjoyed looking at family books from the library, discussing different members of families, and drawing pictures of their families for our class family book.  The children have also enjoyed listening to some Fall books from the library and making/playing with cinnamon-scented play dough.

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Children, Children, What Do You Hear?

We are still investigating ears and the sense of hearing.  The children have enjoyed looking at informational and story books from the library about ears and the sense of hearing.  The informational books have taught us about the different parts of our ears and how they work and ways in which we can take care of our ears.  The children have also done observational drawings of ears, made telephones out of cups and string, and gone on a couple of listening walks around the school.

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Exploring Our Sense of Hearing

We noticed that the children in Gilliatte room 5 LOVE all things sensory, so we decided to start an investigation on the five senses.  This week we have been investigating the sense of hearing.  We have discussed that we use our ears to hear, and we have discussed the different things that we can hear.  The children enjoyed investigating sound boxes, listening to classical music while painting, and making their own shakers this week.

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Back to School

We are already in our second week of school, and we have enjoyed getting to know all of our children and their families!  The children have enjoyed exploring the different areas of our classroom and school.  Last week we came up with our classroom agreements, played a get-to-know-you game called,"Hickety, Pickety, Bumblebee", learned a greeting song to sing together, read several different books about back to school and discussed who the authors and illustrators were and what authors and illustrators do, practiced recognizing our names, took our pictures for our class identity board, did observational drawings and self-portraits, and made two batches of homemade play dough.  We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL school year!  :)
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Exploring Scales

Ms. Laura brought in some scales for the children to explore. They had the opportunity to weigh many different materials. They enjoyed seeing the red hand of the scale move and finding the number it was pointing to. Some even drew a picture of the scale.
“If you put this on it, will it be to 10?” Amber
“Oooh, we are almost to the 1 pound!” Ruby
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