Walking & Swinging

Today was a beautiful day so Ms. Ashley took a few children on a neighborhood walk. They discovered some fun swings. The children didn’t want to ever leave the swings! They also requested another walk tomorrow!
“Ms. Ashley, we are having so much fun!” Emanie
DSC01343.JPG   DSC01344.JPG   DSC01352.JPG
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Garage Doors

During a group meeting, we were reading a book about a car. The children noticed that the car was parked in front of a garage door. This sparked their interest due to our ongoing project about doors. The children wondered...how do garage doors open? The children had several theories as to how they thought we could open a garage door. Most of the theories involved pushing or pulling the door. To research the answer to this question, a field trip to Ms. Laura’s house was planned for the next day. At Ms. Laura’s house the children were encouraged to try out their theories, when this did not work Ms. Laura showed them a “remote control”. The children were very excited to push the button to open the door and then once inside the garage to close the door again!

DSC00875.JPG     DSC00882.JPG    DSC00885.JPG

DSC00912.JPG     DSC00923.JPG


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Container Creations

Throughout this school year the children have requested to play with play-dough many times. Due to this, we have collected many play-dough containers. Today the children created with these containers. We will keep the containers in the classroom so the children can have many more opportunities to create with them.

DSC00707 DSC00708 DSC00710 DSC00724

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What can you make with felt?

We use many materials in the daily life of our room. Sometimes we like to use some of these materials to make new and interesting things. This day the children were given felt and some interesting materials to create with.

“I made a number house.” Camila  (hers is the one with the purplish background)

“Look Miss Laura, I made a house” Ruby (Hers is the one with the bluish background)

“I making a square.” Carlo (he is the child working one the white felt)

DSC00518 DSC00519 DSC00521 DSC00527

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Yoga Love

The children in room 5 LOVE Yoga. We are so excited every time Ms. Jeanne comes to visit!

DSC00128 DSC00143 DSC00150 DSC00160

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Painting on Anything

The children in room 5 love to paint. They have the opportunity to paint on paper every day. So on some occasions, the children get the chance to paint on some more interesting materials. They have gotten to paint on leaves, marshmallows, brick chips, pinecones and pasta. We hope to give them many more opportunities to paint on fun materials.

DSC_0833 DSC_0837 DSC_0886

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Study of Doors

In our ongoing study of doors, two children and a teacher explored our building for two interesting doors. The children choose both doors. At the first door they noticed that it had a spot for a key, “It has a key lock. “Arielle. They also noticed that it had three hinges, however they did not know what they were called. “We can call them Doorys.” Latisee.  At the next door they were observing what was the same as the previous door and what was different. ”They both have a circle on the door knob.” Latisse. “They are both a rectangle and they both have the three things(hinges).” Arielle. “They are brown.” Latisse. “ The other door knob has a circle for a key. This one doesn’t.” Ariellle. “One has a window.” Latisse.

00000001 DSC_0505 DSC_0506

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