All our Senses

We used our 5 senses to explore our surprise! We smelled, touched, listened, and then looked and found it was PIZZA! They were excited to use their last sense of taste to try our pizza.  Our pizza came from our neighborhood pizza store Jockamo’s.  





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Duck Pond

The children in room 6 have really enjoyed the nice weather the past couple of days! We took a walk to the duck pond and played on the playground with toys from the classroom. 




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Goldfish Taste Test

One of the children were looking through magazine and saw a Cupcake Goldfish ad. Ms. Michelle asked if he had ever tried the Cupcake Goldfish, and he said No. During meeting we asked who has ever tried that flavor of Goldfish and most of the children said no but were interested in trying them.

So, we decided to have a Goldfish Taste Test!

We started with the children looking at the five different packages and predicting what the Goldfish would taste like. After making their predictions they tasted the five different Goldfish. Here is what they said they taste like:

Cheddar Goldfish:

Like 100 cheeses - Matiw

Cheese - Hayden

Baby Goldfish:

Blueberry - Adira

Peanuts - Kalvery

Cheese - Camila

Pizza Goldfish:

Good - Matiw

Spaghetti - Brittany

Pizza - Natasha


Smore Goldfish:

Good - Ashley

Marshmallows - Adira

Cupcake Goldfish:

Blueberry - Lucianna

Cupcake - Ian

Cupcake - Samiyah

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Raspberry Oranges

The children enjoyed exploring a raspberry orange!  

 What do you think it will look like inside? 

An orange- Luciana 

Red cause a raspberry is red- Natasha 

Red like a strawberry- Ian 

What do you think it will taste like? 

Raspberries- Sophia

Blueberries- Samantha 

Like red- Ashley 


What does it smell like? 

Berries- alexa 

Lemonade- Luciana 

An Orange- Matiw 


How did it taste?                                                                                                                       

Super delicious- Samiyah 

Sweet- Antonella 

Yuck- Ian 

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Letter Trees

The children in room 6 really enjoyed building their own letter tree after reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Such great creativity while learning!



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A New Year!

The students of Room 6 have kicked off the new year with various book activities. They have been creating their own books and have practiced writing their letters and names. We are looking forward to all of the exciting things this year has in store! 



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Acorns have become an interesting study for our students. They have been busy collecting them from outside and incorporating them into different art projects!



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Masks in the Studio

The students in Room 6 were presented with a wide variety of materials such as poster board, cardboard, fabric, yarn, beads and other tools. They worked and grew an interest in creating their own masks. They were careful to discuss the size of their faces and the placement of the eyes and mouths on the masks. Once they were finished, they were very excited to wear and model their creations!



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Christmas in the Classroom

The students of room 6 invited our families into the classroom to help us decorate our Christmas tree and enjoy lunch together. The families enjoyed participating in the classrooms and got everyone excited for the holiday season! 




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Releasing Butterflies

We wrapped up our butterfly studies in the best way possible! After observing our caterpillars form and grow into butterflies, we covered various topics and studies that really help the students gain better understandings of the world around them. On a sunny afternoon, the children took their butterfly cages outside and released them back into the wild! 




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