Masks in the Studio

The students in Room 6 were presented with a wide variety of materials such as poster board, cardboard, fabric, yarn, beads and other tools. They worked and grew an interest in creating their own masks. They were careful to discuss the size of their faces and the placement of the eyes and mouths on the masks. Once they were finished, they were very excited to wear and model their creations!



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Christmas in the Classroom

The students of room 6 invited our families into the classroom to help us decorate our Christmas tree and enjoy lunch together. The families enjoyed participating in the classrooms and got everyone excited for the holiday season! 




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Releasing Butterflies

We wrapped up our butterfly studies in the best way possible! After observing our caterpillars form and grow into butterflies, we covered various topics and studies that really help the students gain better understandings of the world around them. On a sunny afternoon, the children took their butterfly cages outside and released them back into the wild! 




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Writing Our Names

The children in Room 6 have explored and learned how to write their names in many different ways. They have been exploring the alphabet and practicing their letters using shaving cream, salt, tracing and drawing to work on spelling out different letters! 



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First Week in Gilliatte Room 6

The children in Room 6 had a very excited first week in the classroom! We took a walk, played outside, painted, went to the studio, and explored our room! We are looking forward to the year that is to come. 




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Musical Swings!

Some of the children in Room 6 enjoyed walking over to the musical swings today! Everyone enjoyed visiting with our special visitors Mr. Jim and Tanner!

musicalswing1.jpg musicalswing2.jpg musicalswing3.jpg



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On our way back from checking out the new Musical Swings being built in the Fort we ran into some firemen who were doing training. They stopped to talk to us and gave us a couple safety tips on how to be safe at home.

walk1.jpg walk2.jpg walk3.jpg

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Building Cars with Mr. Keith

The children in Room 6 enjoyed making their own class car with our volunteer Mr. Keith.

MrKeith1.jpg MrKeith2.jpg

MrKeith3.jpg MrKeith4.jpg

MrKeith5.jpg MrKeith6.jpg

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Building Our Own Cars!

The children in room 6 have been studying cars. We have explored different car parts, went on a walk to see different cars, counted cars, and even built our own cars!

buildingcar1.png buildingcar2.png

buildingcar3.png buildingcar4.png

buildingcar6.png buildingcar7.png

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Vroom, vroom... Cars!

Room 6 has really enjoyed working with cars. They have done observational drawings, painted with cars, and built their own cars.

cars1.png cars2.png

cars3.png cars4.png

cars5.png cars6.png

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