Letters and Names!

The children in room 6 have been interested in spelling and writing out their own names. They have used a variety of materials to write out letters and their names.  

letters1.jpg letters2.jpg

letters3.jpg letters4.jpg

letters5.jpg letters6.jpg

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Grand Opening of... our Sun Shade!

The children enjoyed being apart of the grand opening of our Sun Shade donated by Lily. The children really enjoyed being the balloons back into the classroom and explore with them. They danced, did breathing techniques, and march around with them.

sunshade1.jpg sunshade2.jpg

sunshade3.jpg sunshade4.jpg

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Making Pizza!

The children in room 6 have been very interested in playing in the kitchen area and pretend to cook a variety of food.  We had a meeting and talked about something we could really make and try and they voted pizza. The children made a list of all the ingredients,  how we would make it, and then they each made their ​own to try! 

pizza1.jpg pizza2.jpg

pizza3.jpg pizza4.jpg

pizza5.jpg pizza6.jpg

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Pool Noodles and Toothpicks!

The children in room 6 enjoyed exploring with the pool noodles and toothpicks. They all used their imaginations and created a variety of things.


" It's a birthday cake"

" I made a marble track"

" Popsicle who wants a popsicle?"

" Look I made a car."

poolnoodlesandtoothpick.jpg poolnoodlesandtoothpick2.jpg poolnoodlesandtoothpick3.jpg


poolnoodlesandtoothpick5.jpg poolnoodlesandtoothpick6.jpg poolnoodlesandtoothpick7.jpg

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Building Houses!

In room 6 we have been talking about building houses, so  we took a walk around the neighborhood to check out some new houses and see some others being built. We also stopped by the Fort Harrison Gazebo where the children enjoyed running, playing, and rolling around!

houses6.jpg houses7.jpg houses6.jpg

houses1.png houses2.png houses3.png

              houses4.png houses5.png

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Lemonade for EVERYONE!

We furthered our interests in lemonade by making two different kinds of lemonade in our classroom.  We then decided to open up our very own lemonade stand and invite lemonade to the whole school!

                lemonade1.jpg lemonade2.jpg

lemonade3.jpg lemonade4.jpg

lemonade5.jpg lemonade6.jpg

lemonade7.jpg lemonade8.jpg

lemonade9.jpg lemonade10.jpg

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Our very own fresh... Lemonade!

One of the children in Room 6 picked Curious George Lemonade Stand ​off the book mobile. They all became very interested in making their own lemonade. We have made our own fresh lemonade with different citrus fruits. They tried different flavors of lemonade and voted on their favorite flavor. 

lemonade1.jpg lemonade2.jpg lemonade3.jpg 

lemonade4.jpg lemonade5.jpg  lemonade7.jpg

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Black Light!

The children in Room 6 really enjoyed exploring the black light. We made glow in the dark slime and used neon markers to watch things glow in the dark room with the black light on. 

The children’s reaction to seeing the markers and slime under the black light.

This is the coolest day ever!

I love this!


It lights up like my shirt.

It matches my shirt.​


                            blacklight2.jpg blacklight3.jpg blacklight5.jpg

           blacklight4.jpg  blacklight6.jpg

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Our very own... Noise Makers!

Today in Room 6, the children made their very own noise makers. They were given a variety of materials to put into their tubes. As the children picked different objects we talked about the amount of noise ​that material would make and why. 

noisemaker1.jpg noisemaker2.jpg

noisemaker3.jpg noisemaker4.jpg

 noisemaker5.jpg noisemaker6.jpg

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Treasure Maps and Treasure Hunting!

The children in room 6  have been very interested in making their own treasure maps. Today we read Pete the Cat and His Treasure Map and then we went on our own treasure hunt using our very own treasure maps. ​

 treasuremap1.jpg treasuremap2.jpg treasuremap3.jpg treasuremap4.jpg treasuremap5.jpg treasuremap6.jpg treasuremap7.jpg treasuremap8.jpg

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